Sunday, July 8, 2012

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung and Jeonggam supporting 2PM Wooyoung

Jeonggam, where are u looking at????...u sulky?  

Don't touch me --.,-- !

@0430yes Wooyoung-ah fighting!!!!!!! Mwahahaha you're the best!! '----'!!
Jeonggamie is also supporting you, praying like this kkkk aigo kkkk

Credit: Kor-Eng-Thai: Rangkat,Loverzai @2pmalways

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  1. I'm afraid of cats. But Jeonggamie is cute. Chansung is cute to just sitting there. Too bad i can't make peace with cats. My heart feels like it wants to jump out every time i see one near. lol