Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

[News] 2PM preparing for a comeback in first half of 2014

2PM is currently working on new music with the goal of making a comeback in the first half of 2014! A confirmed date hasn't been worked out yet but it has been revealed that the boys are indeed preparing for a new release that will be taking place the first half of this year.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

[News] 'Very good times' 2PM Taecyeon, Strong man character ‘Expectation UP’

The first strong appearance of Taecyeon in 'Very good times'!

[News] 2PM celebrates their 2000th day anniversary

It seems like only yesterday that the boys of 2PM debuted with '10 Points Out Of 10', but they've grown up to be men and one of the most popular idol groups in the business! Celebrating their whopping 2000th day since debut, the group marked the occasion with their fans.

[News] KBS' new weekend drama 'Very Good Days' scores a high rating on first episode

KBS' new weekend drama 'Very Good Days' has scored a high 23.8% for its first episode!

Friday, February 21, 2014

Thursday, February 20, 2014

[News] 2PM,'GENESIS OF 2PM', 1st place on Japan’s Oricon, is released in Korea

A group 2PM’s album that became 1st place on Japan’s Oricon chart for the first time, ‘GENESIS OF 2PM’, was released in Korea on February 19th.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[News] 2PM Chansung-FeelDog, will appear on Taekwondo episode of 'Arts and Physical Education'..Was a Taekwondo expert 'Looking forward'

A group 2PM’s Chansung and Big Star’s FeelDog will join Taekwondo episode of KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ (‘Arts and Physical Education’.

[News] 2PM Chansung and FeelDog to join 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' once again for taekwondo

2PM's Chansung and Big Star's FeelDog will be returning to KBS 2TV's 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' for their next sport, taekwondo.  The two had previously been partners in the badminton portion together!

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Monday, February 10, 2014

[Twitter] Happy Birthday 2PM Chansung!

HAPPY B-DAY @2PMagreement211 
2PM Chansung’s B-day! Wish him a Happy Birthday♥

[News] 2PM Taecyeon thanks Wonder Girls and congratulates them on their 7th anniversary

2PM's Taecyeon recently tweeted a sweet message for his JYP senior group Wonder Girls, thanking them and also wishing them a happy anniversary.

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon Warns Sexual Harassers on Twitter

After being pestered and harassed online, 2PM’s Taecyeon is not staying silent any longer.

[News] 2PM's Taecyeon promises to file suit against sexual harassers on Twitter

Fed up with certain followers on his Twitter, 2PM's Taecyeon finally vowed to take action.

[Twitter] I love Nichkhun + I love

i love Nichkhun + i love 
@YONEXKOREA @heartkhun @Udie624 @roromymy @danjisoo

Sunday, February 9, 2014

[BTS] 2PM Nichkhun @ makingfilm by yonexkorea


[News] 2PM grabs top in Japanese music chart

Popular boy band 2PM’s third album ‘GENESIS OF 2PM’ ranked the top on weekly daily Oricon Chart, selling 63,000 copies since the release.

[News] 2PM’s Chansung Gives His Thoughts on the 2014 Winter Olympics

He may be the youngest 2PM member, but Chansung is full of wisdom and maturity beyond his age. As the Winter Olympics roll our way, it is easy to get caught in the winning, and the losing, aspect of the games. Despite possible disappointments, Chansung expressed his thoughts on celebrating, rather than cursing, the Olympic results.

[News] 2PM Jun.K to participate in 'Immortal Song 2' for the next two recordings

2PM fans, rejoice!

[News] 'Entertainment Broadcast' Lee Seo Jin "2PM Taecyeon, a heavy drinker…even Kim Hee Sun couldn’t beat him"

Lee Seo Jin exposed Taecyeon’s alcohol tolerance saying, “he is a heavy drinker.

Friday, February 7, 2014

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung and Junho show support for Korean Athletes in Winter Olympics.

2PM group official twitter updated with a message from Chansung and Junho that says "Sochi 2014 Olympic winter games! 2PM cheers for the Korean national team!"

Source: 2pm twitter

[News] 2PM’s Chansung victim of identity disclosure

2PM’s Chansung has been a victim of identity disclosure, in which his personal, work and home number have been revealed, as well as social security number and home address were all disclosed.

[News] 2PM Nichkhun picked as international model of YONEX KOREA

YONEX Korea, the world’s #1 badminton brand, has picked Nichkhun of 2PM as their new international model. He is the first celebrity model the brand has ever casted.

[Poster] 2PM Postcard and Button Set from HOTTEST 5TH

Thursday, February 6, 2014

[News] 2PM’s Newest Album “Genesis of 2PM” Tops Japanese Oricon Ratings: 63,000 Units Already Sold

2PM has confirmed their status as Japanese superstars with the tremendous support they received for the release of their third Japanese album “Genesis of 2PM.” The album has reached the top spot on Japanese Oricon charts and has already sold 63,000 units. “Genesis of 2PM” has already surpassed the sales of their previous Japanese album “Legend of 2PM” which sold about 51,000 units. Their newest album features 13 tracks including the chart topping singles “Winter Games” and “Step by Step.” Their newest album received a lot of hype after their pre-release singles topped the ringtone charts.

[Twitter] 2PM Wooyoung tired of practice?

Practice Practice

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

[News] 2PM JUNHO's SAY YES ~ Friendship ~ DVD

The release of Junho's weekly program <JUNHO (From) 2PM's SAY YES ~ Friendship ~>'s DVD with all 5 volumes has been confirmed. Volume 1 and 2 of the DVD will be officially released on March 26th. Please do check it out.

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

[News] 2PM's 'GENESIS OF 2PM' tops the Oricon Weekly Chart

According to JYP Entertainment, 2PM's third Japanese studio album 'GENESIS OF 2PM' has now risen to #1 on the Oricon Weekly Chart, after topping the daily chart last week!

Sunday, February 2, 2014

[Twitter] 2PM Jun. K's No Love

Everyone I was really happy to sing on this stage again thank you! Your voice is loud! #YOKOHAMA 

[Twitter] 2PM Jun. K's Song of the Day

I made a good cry would sing for Lin #울버린 #yerin #문득 OK letting #고마워# "
@yerinbaek: too good. and suddenly.

[Twitter] 2PM Arena Tour 2014

Thank you for your support! Three more days before the end of 2PM Arena Tour 2014! 
Yokohama Arena! Yokohama! Voice of two years is was big ...! 
Now we'll see in Fukuoka ^ ^