Friday, February 14, 2014

[News] 'Very Good Times' 2PM Taecyeon, Simple-ignorant-aggressive in the teaser..'Real man'

A singer and an actor Taecyeon showed the charm of a real man through the teaser video of KBS 2TV ‘Very Good Times’.

The producers revealed the teaser video on February 14th and showed Kang Dong Hee (Taecyeon)’s hot temper. Taecyeon, who got the role of Dong Hee, is showing the charisma of a real man with simple, ignorant and aggressive personality through a teaser video and gave rise to the feeling of anticipation.

In the teaser video, it begins with Dong Hee not being able to control his emotions so ends up breaking the glass that belongs to barber shop and also, he showed up in front of Cha Hae Won (Kim Hee Sun) and Kang Dong Seok (Lee Seo Jin) while riding on a motorcycle and is being sarcastic. He also aroused curiosity as he made an intimidating facial expression to Hae Won, who is asking him to hit her face if he can.

The associates of the producing company Samhwa Networks said “We are trying to make warm and new ‘very good’ stories of family that was not seen anywhere else. Please look forward to ‘Very Good Times’ in which the producers and the staff members including the casts, who are trying their best with what they are in charge of, will portray” and requested.

Meanwhile, ‘Very Good Times’ is a story centered on a poor boy returning to his hometown in 15 years after becoming successful as a prosecutor and through the things that happen at hometown, it will recapture the true meaning of family that was temporarily forgotten because of tough daily lives. ‘Very Good Times’ will air for the first time at 7:55pm on February 22nd.


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