Thursday, February 20, 2014

[News] 2PM,'GENESIS OF 2PM', 1st place on Japan’s Oricon, is released in Korea

A group 2PM’s album that became 1st place on Japan’s Oricon chart for the first time, ‘GENESIS OF 2PM’, was released in Korea on February 19th.

‘GENESIS OF 2PM’ is 3rd regular album that was released in Japan on 29th of last month and on the day it was released, it became 1st place on Oricon daily chart that was announced that evening. Not only that, it also became 1st place on weekly chart and have a case of getting popular.

Not only that, the 6 listed songs that was revealed in advance before the release of the album all became 1st place on Recochoku, Japan’s largest ringtone website, and so on and have a case gathering huge anticipation and attention even before its release. The music video that was filmed in Germany got the comment that 2PM’s strong but tender masculinity left a powerful impression among an exotic atmosphere.

In this album, there are songs such as ‘GIVE ME LOVE’, which got lots of love as the main soundtrack for TBS drama last year, and ‘Winter Games’, which recorded 1st place on Oricon single weekly chart, and also ‘Step by Step’ and so on and has total of 13 songs listed. Especially, the song ‘Merry-go-round’, the self-written song that Wooyoung presents for the first time ever in Japan, is listed and is getting attention.

Meanwhile, 2PM is dealing with their individual schedules in Korea and in overseas and will continue their arena tour until the end of March.


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