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[Teaser] 2PM Show Episode 9

On September 3 on the cable station SBS E!TV's 2PM Show, the parts that were cut out during editing of the shootings, and behind the scene stories from episode one to eight will be revealed to fans.

[Entertainment][ENG] 110731 Let's Go Dream Team Season 2 - 2PM

[ENG] 110731 Let's Go Dream Team Season 2: 2PM
Part 1  |   Part 2  |   Part 3  |   Part 4  |   Part 5

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

[M/V][BTS] 2PM Spris Summer and Fall 2010

[CF][BTS] Lotte Duty Free Shop CF Making Film. Part 1 & 2.

[News] 2PM to perform on Japan’s ‘Music Station’ this week

After releasing their second Japanese single “I'm Your Man” last week, 2PM is ready to kick off their promotions with a confirmed music program appearance on this week's episode of Japan's 'Music Station'!

[News] Hong Suk Chun reveals that 2PM’s Junho rejected his offer of friendship

Actor Hong Suk Chun, one of the few openly gay celebrities in Korea, recently guested on QTV's 'A Woman Who Ranks' as the close friend of Ahn Sun Young.

[Entertainment] 2PM Q&A from Sony Music Shop+Notes

A: Chansung 

Q: What's your favorite food? 
A: Kimchi jeon 

Q: What's your favorite Japanese word? 
A: Support!! 

[Entertainment][ENG] 090726 2PM Teaching Again and Again to Seniors

Editor's Note: Found this old video of 2PM trying to teach the Seniors how to perform the "Again and Again" dance. So hilarious!

[News] 2PM talks of animals they could resemble

On the August 27th episode of cable station SBS E!TV’s 2PM Show, members of 2PM discuss the animals each of them could resemble.

[Entertainment][me2day] Chansung and Seulong pose with Rilakkuma

A photo of 2PM's Chansung and 2AM's Seulong posing with the Rilakkuma bears was recently revealed.

[News] Banana Republic & CLASSY. present 2PM in LOVE with Satoko Koizumi

Clothing brand Banana Republic and Japanese female fashion magazine CLASSY. will be collaborating with Korean group, 2PM!

Monday, August 22, 2011

[News] 2PM "I'm Your Man" Tops all Tower Records

2PM tops Tower Records (all stores) weekly singles chart (August 15 - 21) with 'Im your man'. 

[News] 2PM prove their excellent teamwork among group members

On August 27 broadcast of the 2PM Show, members of 2PM play various games and displays good teamwork.

[News] Fans express concern over 2PM’s Taecyeon and his crutches

On August 21st, 2PM held a release event for their latest Japanese single, "I'm Your Man", in Yokohama, Japan with 50,000 fans.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

[News] 2PM's Hands Up Asia Tour Schedule

The other dates and venues have now been finalized, thanks to an announcement from JYP Entertainment on 2PM’s official fancafe.

[News] [UPDATE - List of Confirmed artists] Top K-Pop stars to hold free concert in New York!

As we previously reported earlier, some of the top K-Pop stars will be coming to New York in October.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

[Entertainment][ENG] KBS World Star Date: "Hands Up" fever in Korea! 2PM

[Live] 110818 JYP Nation in Japan

[NEWS] Photos of Top K-Pop Stars (SNSD, 2NE1, 2PM) Appear in Japanese Auxiliary Textbook

An auxiliary textbook that Japanese high school students use during English classes has included photographs and descriptions of top Korean pop (K-Pop) stars.

[News] 2PM and Miss A Promote Shopping in Korea

The two JYP Nation groups, 2PM and miss A recently collaborated for a Korean tourism video!

[Entertainment][ENG] 110804 KBS Happy Together Ep 208: 2PM & After School


[News] 'JYP Nation in Japan’ press conference draws 200 media outlets

The 'JYP Nation in Japan' is receiving a lot of hot interest from local media outlets in Japan.

On August 17th, the singers of JYP Entertainment held a concert at the Saitama Super Arena to meet with their fans. This concert included Park Jin Young, as well as Lim Jeong Hee, Wonder Girls, JOO, 2AM, 2PM, miss A, San E, and many others. As these singers are also considered Hallyu stars, the Japanese media showed a huge interest in the conference.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

[Entertainment][Twitter] Taecyeon and Junho at the seaside

Today’s scheduled was at the seaside ㅋㅋㅋ 
Who are these two handsome men watching the sea? ㅋㅋㅋ

[News] 2PM in Idol Sports Competition 2011

2011 Mid-Autumn Festival special program, Idol Sports Competition is here again!

[Entertainment] Behind the Stories 2PM Edition 2. Chansung struggles and his view as tone-deaf

Written: JRmarcus1411

As we kick off this week daily publish, Hottest got a warm response with the “Behind the Stories”which features more of 2PM real stories. With our Edition 1 of Wooyoung early challenges and his way to pursue with his dream.

With the hit theme set with our entra, we gonna have the second release with this same theme, as this is more meaningful and heartfelt to all Hottest, and 2PM.

This is the story of Hwang Chansung early struggles, insecurities and how we become 2PM’s maknae.

[Fanart] 2PM "Cosmo" Series

Saturday, August 13, 2011

[News] Check out After School & 2PM’s Junho cameo in “White: Cursed Melody”

Earlier this year, we revealed that 2PM’s Junho and girl group After School would be making cameo appearances in the horror flick, ‘White: Cursed Melody’, which stars T-ara’s Eunjung.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

[Poster] 2PM on Hanako Magazine

[Poster][Fanart] 2PM "Nepa" Series

[Entertainment] Behind Stories of 2PM Edition 1. Wooyoung and his roads to his dreams.

Written: JRmarcus1411-RP

Our zone for all hottest, get to know 2PM member more than music and looks. Untold scenes that not popularly discuss in the wide space of KPOP industry. It’s time for us to know them better and Love them like never before.

Our first loaded story- Dream High Story of Busan Boy.-Jang Wooyoung.

[Entertainment][Twitter] Chansung takes a selca with an udon bowl larger than his face

2PM's Chansung cracked up his fans by sharing a photo of himself with an udon bowl that's bigger than his face.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

[Entertainment][ENG] Hello Teacher SanE 2PM Comeback Special - Junsu

[Entertainment][BTS] 2PM Lookoptical CF Making film

[Entertainment][Twitter] 110809 2PM Kim Junsu uploads a pictures of 2PM on Twitter while in Japan

On August 8, Kim Junsu updated his twitter and said "We're doing well in Japan. miss you all." along with a group picture of him with fellow 2PM friends.

[News] 2PM to go back in time for '2PM Show'

For the upcoming episode of SBS Plus '2PM Show,' the six members will be dressed in retro school uniforms from the 80's. Not only will they be dancing to disco music, but they'll also share their feelings on how it feels to be wearing uniforms again after such a long time.

[News] 110808 2PM To Appear as Monthly Guests on Space Shower Program!!

Asia's No.1 "Beast Idols," who will be releasing their new single "I'm your man" and 2nd album "HANDS UP ~JAPAN SPECIAL EDITION~" on August 17, 2PM, will be participating as the monthly guests for August on Space Shower TV's K-POP ranking show "KOREAN HITS RANKING," where a new comment will be aired every week.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

[Teaser] 2PM Show Episode 6

[Entertainment][Twitter] Twitter Conversations Between Nichkhun & his little sister

[Cherreen] @Khunnie0624 "P'Khun!! reply my tweet please, I'm your fan. I love you so much ka >< 555 55555"

[Khun] @CherreenHvk "you do?? what's your name ka, pretty girl? =]"

[Cherreen] @Khunnie0624 "My name is Cherreen ka. I love you so much. I've been following your work for 16 years >< I'm happy that you do reply my tweet ^0^"

[Khun] @CherreenHvk "It might upset our mom if i don't ~ ^^"

[Cherreen] @Khunnie0624 " that what it is"

[Khun] @CherreenHvk hehehe love you too ka~

[Cherreen] @Khunnie0624 love you more ka >

Note: "Ka" is polite ending for girls. However Khun loves to use it instead of "Krup" when he talks with his sis. 

Source: Thai-Eng Offogato @2pmalways

[Entertainment][ENG] 2PM SBS KPOP STAR Interview

[CF] 2PM Lotte duty free (Japanese Version)

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