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[Poster] 2PM Lotte Duty Free Wallpaper [Calendar for August 2013]

[Twitter] 2PM Jun. K's JYP Party Style

AT THE CIROC PARTY WITH @followjyp @missA_suzy @0430yes GET #DRUNK 

[News] “Who Are You – 2013″ 2PM Taecyeon A Hot Blooded Detective

2PM member Taecyeon has become a detective in the new tvN drama “Who Are You – 2013”

[Teaser] 2PM Taecyeon @ tvN "Who Are You" EP 3


[Teaser] 2PM Taecyeon @ tvN "Who Are You" EP 2


[News] Actor Ahn Nae Sang sings praises for 2PM's Chansung

Veteran actor Ahn Nae Sang showered praises on 2PM's Chansung!

Monday, July 29, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung & Wooyoung Supporting Taecyeon's new drama

@taeccool Umm… Mr Cha Gunwoo, what’s the time of the first broadcast for today?

@2PMagreement211 @taeccool It’s at 11 pm, right ??

@0430yes @taeccool Omo that’s so kind of you… 
Mon/Tue TVN drama ‘Who Are You’ broadcasts at 11pm… 
umhaha it’s gonna be great, horror romance!!!!!

@2PMagreement211 but Imight be wrong too, Chansung-ah… ehehe

@0430yes Don’t try to excuse yourself with your cuteness, 
Jang Woodong you little chicken !!!! Kekeke

@2PMagreement211 Thanks for thinking that I’m cute keke 
by the way let’s watch the broadcast tonight^^ Taectaec Taecyeonnie hyung keke

@0430yes Ohonghong honghonghong

@2PMagreement211 @0430yes Ah, having two such thoughtful younger brothers 
hyung is so happy???

@taeccool @0430yes Eat your meals well and don’t skip it kekeke 
I’ll go visit you at the filming site keke!!

@taeccool : 
@2PMagreement211 @0430yes kekeke you too, shoot ‘Red Carpet’ well~ 
if there’s time, I’ll go visit you there kekeke

@taeccool @0430yes Eekkekeke Good good keke!!!

@taeccool @2PMagreement211 Let's all do well..

Sunday, July 28, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Junho on Japanese Cooking Showdown!

Juno’s 2PM and filming! Cooking showdown Twink vs. Ikumen man! ! 
TV first! Show off your love of home cooking! Really who wins?! 
Urya (((( -_ -) ((((-_-) Yi it (-_-)))) is Urya 8/5 (Mon) broadcasting! Stay tuned ?

Credit: Translation via jypne

Thursday, July 25, 2013

[Entertainment][ENG] 2PM Nichkhun @ 130724 Sina - One and a Half Summer

Source: 2ODtv

[Teaser] 2PM Taecyeon @ tvN "Who Are You" Episode 1


[TRANS] 2PM Taecyeon @ Shanghai Entertainment Magazine

Ok Taecyeon, the attack of a handsome, rich, and tall guy

A handsome appearance, an idol personality, American-born* (note: he grew up in America, but was born in Korea, so this is not correct), highly educated, grew up in a family with high education - in the Korean entertainment industry appears another 'tall, handsome, rich' guy Ok Taecyeon. He debuted in 2008 as a member of 2PM and rose to stardom immediately as a beast idol. In 2013, he's everywhere - the TaecGui pairing in 'We Got Married Global' was popular, 2PM’s new album was selling like hot cakes, his new drama 'Who Are You', and his debut movie 'Marriage Blues' are also about to be released.  

[News] 2PM Junho's 'Cold Eyes' Selected For Toronto International Fim Festival

2PM's Junho wowed fans in Korea with his performance in the crime thriller Cold Eyes, and now the film is headed overseas to the Toronto International Film Festival.

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

[Poster] 2PM Taecyeon and Kim Jaewook @ Singles

[News] 2PM Taecyeon's fans from all over the world donate 6,790 lbs of rice for his drama 'Who Are You'

Taecyeon's fans from all over the world gathered together to donate 3.08 tons (approximately 6,790 lbs) of rice for the idol!

[Twitter] 2PM Nichkhun & MissA's Jia in Beijing

Greetings from Nichkhun and Jia 
at 'One and a Half, Summer' Production Press Conference in Beijing! 

[TRANS] 2PM Junho for ViVi Magazine - September 2013

Interviewer (I): Usually, you look very cool but on Twitter, you're constantly being called cute!
Junho (JH): If I can use a sentence to describe my personality, it'll be cold on the outside and warm on the inside. *laughs* I'm really shy, so even in happy situations, I'll act like nothing's happening. Even when I'm receiving compliments, I compose myself to look very calm even though I'm beyond ecstatic on the inside. My fans told me that my usual tweets sound very cold so I start to change how I tweet by using cuter tone while writing them. My flaw will probably be that I can't control my feelings all that well. When the people around me are really happy, I might be sad or when I'm really happy and excited, they'll be really quiet. Although, when it comes to composing, I feel that that flaw becomes an advantage.

[TRANS] 2PM Junho for Smart Magazine - September 2013

Interviewer (I): How did you find out about getting a solo debut? Was there anything you were particularly worried about?
unho (JH): I found out through a phone call in the car where I was asked, "What do you think about it (going on a solo debut)?" I answered immediately with, "I have to do it." Concering the solo debut, I wasn't particularly worried because I just wanted to work on it as soon as possible and I was just overflowing with ideas. And now I'm really happy that my dream of having a solo Zepp Tour is coming true!

[Entertainment][ENG] 2PM @ [K-Pop World Festival in Thailand] Messages from the artists!

Source: kbsworld

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[News] 2PM Chansung pays approximately $430 USD for the losing 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' team

2PM's Chansung paid 480,000 KRW (approximately $430 USD) for the 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' team!

[News] 2PM Taecyeon reveals his kiss scene with Suzy took 8 hours to film

After being dubbed as So Yi Hyun's most 'professional' kissing partner, 2PM's Taecyeon revealed he had plenty of experience especially with his 'Dream High' co-star Suzy.

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung's Cool Kiz Selca

On the way to Cool Kiz on the Block wearing a pin...!!! 
Looking forward to whatever we'll be doing today...^^Haha 
let's enjoy the filming!! Aja aja!!

[Twitter] Share a ice cold coffee with 2PM Wooyoung

Ice ♥ Coffee

[Twitter] 2PM Wooyung's Delicious-Looking Cucumber Dish

'Cucumber Revolution'

[Twitter] 2PM Junho roaming in Nagoya

Among the squirrels from monitoring the street play in Nagoya

Nagoya Street in squirrel guard play of # 2


@dlwnsghek kekekekeke Flying out all the way to Japan and so~~ happy~~~ 
Flying squirrel~~kekekeke

[Twitter] 2PM Wooyoung's Painting Collection?!


[Teaser] 2PM Junho @ COLD EYES Trailer | Festival 2013

Source: tiff

[Entertainment][ENG] Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 - Ep.14: Badminton School with 2PM (2013.07.23)

Source: kbsworld

[News] 2PM Junho @Naver Movie Magazine #1644 Cover Story: "Cold Eyes"

The director, Jo Euiseok shares behind the scenes stories about each character in the film.  Here is a translation summary of what he had to say about Junho~

[TRANS] 2PM Junho's Interview in CanCam Magazine - September 2013

Interviewer: What emotions did you put into your solo debut album?
JH: This album reflects how I am now. Relaxing and vibrant songs, with the theme revolving around the idea of a bad boy... I would like everyone to explore these different sides of me. Especially the title song, Kimi No Koe, it was the start of my album. This song encompasses my heartfelt feelings towards my fans so please look into the lyrics! As fans support is one of the things motivating me, I would like to express my feelings through my songs after receiving the support.

Monday, July 22, 2013

[Poster] 2PM Junho @ "Cold Eyes" Stage Greetings

[Teaser] 2PM @ KBS2 Cool Kiz on the Block

Source: 1004KBS

[Twitter] 2PM Jun. K's New Look?


[Twitter] 2PM Wooyoung Joins Instagram


[News] So E Hyun Was Surprised at 2PM Taecyeon′s Smooth Kisses

So E Hyun and Taecyeon had their kiss on tvN's Who Are You, and they were all for talking about it.

[News] So Yi Hyun reveals 2PM Taecyeon was her most 'professional' kissing partner

As an actress, So Yi Hyun has her own share of kiss scenes, but she picked 2PM's Taecyeon as the most 'professional' partner she's had in her career.

[Twitter] 2PM Taecyeon pretty like a flower

Flower Garden~~

[Twitter] 2PM Junho's "The Falcon and the Squirrel" team

The Falcon and the squirrel. Featuring animals that Le Ling ~ ~ ~ keke did 10 million?

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