Monday, July 22, 2013

[News] So E Hyun Was Surprised at 2PM Taecyeon′s Smooth Kisses

So E Hyun and Taecyeon had their kiss on tvN's Who Are You, and they were all for talking about it.

In a teaser video released for Who Are You, the two were shown sharing a 'towel kiss', and in a recent shoot for tvN's Taxi, they got talking about what happened when they shot the scene.

So E Hyun started off, "Taecyeon was very professional during the kiss scene. It would have been good if he had been a bit nervous...."

She then teased, "When I had my kiss scene with [CN Blue's] Jung Yong Hwa, it was his first kiss scene so he was really nervous, but for Ok Taecyeon it wasn't his first."

To this, Ok Taecyeon explained, "I really put myself in the role on purpose because we're supposed to be lovers."

So E Hyun also revealed this day that though she was depicted as a woman who enjoys the high life in luxurious styles for Chungdamdong Alice, in real life she's actually a big fan of home shopping channels.

"I really recommend the apples they sell on home shopping channels," she said to laughter. "They're as good as those apples from department stores."

She also said she often purchases kitchenware through those channels.

The two stars of Who Are You even sang My Ear's Candy together, a performance to be revealed on the episode of Taxi to air on July 22.

Source: allkpop

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