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[TRANS] Character Summaries

Drama: One and a Half Summer


Actor: Nichkhun Buck Horvejkul 
Character Name: Zhang Hao
Character Year/Major: American-Chinese International School, 3rd year undergraduate
Character Description:  Cheerful, playful, independent, stubborn, adaptive.

He met a Chinese girl named Shu Qing in Santorini Island (Greece) and fell in love with her at first sight and because of this, he decided to go to Beijing for studies. In the school, he joined the school’s music band and became the lead vocalist and keyboard player.

He became friends with the band members and also, the instructor. While working to earn some money and attending band activities, he used the remaining time to find Shu Qing, the girl of his dreams. However, he slowly realized his feelings for Luo Man, the girl who has always been by his side supporting and helping him.

Actor: Xu Lu
Character Name: Luo Man
Character Year/Major: 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Philosophy
Character Description: Optimistic, cheerful, constantly works hard for the better, loud.

A plain, normal girl who does not possess a hint of femininity, she doesn’t like to dress up and is a tomboy. To protect her father’s place in the University as a lecturer, she forced her classmates to form the music band.

Through working part time, the band activities and misunderstandings, she met Zhang Hao, a charming overseas student. Initially, they are on bad terms and constantly bickering with each other, but after many incidents and getting to know each other better, she learned what is “love” from Zhang Hao and developed a crush on him.

However, at this time, her childhood friend, Su Yuan, decided to confess to her.

A girl who has never dated before, she is at a loss and doesn’t know what to do with her love life.

Actor: Jiang Jing Fu
Character Name: Su Yuan
Character Year/Major: 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Law
Character Description: Perfectionist. Called “big bro” by his peers, knows very well how to take care of others, possesses great social skills and constantly follows his set of principles.

His maturity makes him stand out amongst his friends of the same age. He works hard to meet his parents’ expectations but this has caused him stress.

Forced by his childhood friend, Luo Man, to join the music band, he learnt how to relieve his stress through music and playing the instruments. He constantly takes care of Luo Man and is the first to clean up the mess she made.

He worries and cares for Luo Man but she finds him naggy. All along, he kept his love for her deep down inside his heart but after realizing that she is falling in love with Zhang Hao, he can no longer take it and decides to confess.

Actor: Wei Da Xun
Character Name: Ma Jun Cai
Character Year/Major: 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Finance Management
Character Description: ~

Actor: Meng Jia (Miss A)
Character Name: Song Qing
Character Year/Major: 3rd year undergraduate majoring in Accountancy
Character Description: Obtains stellar results, leads a rigid lifestyle.

Actor: Zhu Dan
Character Name: Ding Ling
Character Occupation: Pub owner
Character Description: Opened a pub near the University. Has a young heart of a 20-year-old University undergraduate but she’s actually a 30+ year old single lady.

She loves young handsome men and has a dual personality. She acts as if she loves songs of the jazz genre but in actual fact, she loves to flaunt her riches. She acts as if she is a clean freak and cares a lot about her hygiene but actually, her room is nothing but a messy place. 

Through some incidents, she became a pair with Luo Hai Bin. 

Actor: Ding Wen Wen
Character Name: Shu Qing
Character Occupation: Undergraduate in an Arts university and a cellist
Character Description: Cold, unfeeling, quiet.

Leads a lifestyle wholly decided and planned by her parents. However, once it comes to the topic of marriage, she explodes and tries to retort for the very first time. As a girl who has never dated, she was forced by her father to marry a guy.

Made to learn Classical music because of her father but she actually only likes Rock/ Punk music. Became a pub singer without her parents’ consent.

In Santorini, she met a guy called Zhang Hao and both of them developed mutual feelings for each other. However, she was unable to say a proper good bye to Zhang Hao due to her father threatening her to return back to China as soon as possible.

Just when she was about to agree to the planned marriage, Zhang Hao appeared. She was scared that she will have a negative influence on Zhang Hao and also doesn’t have the courage to resist her parents’ control, she could only act as if she doesn’t know Zhang Hao. This broke Zhang Hao’s heart.

Source: CREDITS: Juqing (SOURCE) ; treecinrehs@2ONEDAY.COM (TRANS)

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