Tuesday, July 16, 2013

[News] 2PM′s Nichkhun Says He Knows He′s Hot When He Plays Badminton

2PM's Nichkhun knows he can play badminton, and he knows he looks good while he's at it.

The July 16 broadcast of KBS2's Our Neighborhood's Masters of Variety and Sports will again feature Nichkhun in a game between the panel team and a non-celebrity badminton team.

After the game, the members of the show gathered for a talk, and Jo Dal Hwan said about Nichkhun playing badminton, "He was like a bird."

Kang Ho Dong agreed, and asked Nichkhun, "Do you know how good you look when you play badminton?" to which Nichkhun answered, "I do, a bit."

His looks even helped him during the game, as a female adversary who had to serve the shuttlecock to him couldn't seem to bring herself to play against him.

Her husband complained that he was cheating with his looks, while her fellow team members told her to "pretend it's not Nichkhun."

She, however, kept saying, "But he's too handsome...."

The game will air on the July 16 broadcast of the show.

Source: enewsworld

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