Tuesday, July 23, 2013

[TRANS] 2PM Junho's Interview in CanCam Magazine - September 2013

Interviewer: What emotions did you put into your solo debut album?
JH: This album reflects how I am now. Relaxing and vibrant songs, with the theme revolving around the idea of a bad boy... I would like everyone to explore these different sides of me. Especially the title song, Kimi No Koe, it was the start of my album. This song encompasses my heartfelt feelings towards my fans so please look into the lyrics! As fans support is one of the things motivating me, I would like to express my feelings through my songs after receiving the support.

I: Why does the song focus on your fans?
JH: Recently, after singing "Say Yes" at the Tokyo Dome concert, it was a wide and large stage but there was only me, and the microphone, but what I heard were thunderous words of support from the fans. After the concert, I returned to the hotel and the room was especially quiet. It was a stark contrast from the stage. Reflecting on my performance, I felt that I was still reveling in whatever happened during the concert and felt the strong urge to repay my fans and all the support they have provided me. I not only want to show them dancing and singing, I also want them to know my heartfelt feelings.

I: What are some memories you have from recording the album?
JH: I'm very happy! Because all of the songs are written by me. Just by thinking of how to showcase my song on stage, I'm already very excited. The production of this album took about 6 months and during that time, even though schedules might be adjusted or just before I went onstage, the songs making process never once left my mind.

I: Where did you get the inspiration to write the songs on your album?
JH: There are some instances when the melodies just flashed across my mind and I immediately recorded it down. Or it could be the times when I'm in the recording studio with the production hyungs, and with the piano accompaniment, I found some inspiration for the melodies. Everyone was enjoying the process of recording the music. I'd rather take things slow and allow inspiration to come to me instead of racking my brains over the lyrics.

I: What are your future plans?
JH: Through this solo activity, I want to show others that this isn't the Junho from 2PM, but rather a whole new Junho. I want more people to like my music and also attract more people with my dance skills. I'm also anticipating the day when I can hold a concert at Budokan. 3 years ago, as a member of 2PM, when we first started our 1st Zepp Tour, I made a joke: I wish I could have a solo concert here! And this time, my dream came true, so hopefully my next dream will come true and I'll have a concert at Budokan! The members are also cheering me on and this gives me lots of motivation.

I: During your solo debut, you must be feeling really overwhelmed, do you miss the members?
JH: I really miss them a lot, I don't even have anyone to play with so it is really lonely *cries*. After deciding to have a solo debut, I received a lot of support from the members. Due to our constant interaction with each other, even though they may only say a few words, I can still feel the great meaning the words hold.

I: While composing the songs, have you interacted with your members?
JH: Nope! I wanted the songs to really come from my heart and not be affected by external factors, but after they were finished, I let them listen to the songs. After letting Chansung listen to Kimi No Koe, he only said "Ahh~ Very good~" and that's all! *laughs*

I: Do you message the members?
JH: I constantly interact with them via SNS. I just sent a photo captioned, "I have some free time now" to the members but no one replied to me *cries*. But I just received Wooyoung's reply which was "ujiujiu" (T/N: in Japanese, it is a way to pacify children as if saying "alright, alright")

I: Well, just asking, Junho, are you the kind of person that constantly contacts the person that you like?
JH: Initially, in order to prevent myself from being burdensome, I would rather contact her by messages. But messages obviously won't suffice... Gradually, I would hope that the chances to talk on the phone and meet up with each other will increase.  Recently, voice messages seem to be very popular! I will constantly do so with my friends, sending voice messages like "are you doing okay? What are you up to?" *laughs*

I: Are you interested in interior designing?
JH: I am, but I'm currently living in a dorm. *cries* If I had my own house, I won't be stingy and spend a lot of money on the flooring, bed, etc. The thought of it is already exciting... Oh, just saying, Wooyoung likes furniture/ stuffs that are more vintage-y.

I: Aah, how I wish I can stay in such a pretty house with Junho..
JH: Heh *shy smile* In the morning, I wake up the others as if I'm waking up kids, saying "wake up now!" or "It's time to wake up~" How I wish I can be waken up like this too.. If I were waken up by the others, I will follow suit obediently! But this doesn't apply to Jun. K *laughs* Well, I shouldn't sidetrack any further. Anyway, I also want to say please make egg soup for breakfast! To me, egg soup reminds me of my mother, it's on the bland side but it is extremely delicious. It's okay if others can't do it, my mother has already taught me the recipe, I can teach others!!

I: I heard that Junho is good in cooking?
JH: Oh, this is because I once joined a cooking club and I learned how to make sweet and sour chicken and cake. But these dishes are a tad too heavy for breakfast *laughs*... I would rather prepare dinner. I will make egg soup in the morning and for dinner I will make sweet and sour chicken!

I: Then will you go on out during your down time?
JH:  If it's possible, I'd like to walk around and wander the streets.  It'd be great to visit the Tokyo Sky Tree!  Oh, recently I went to a place not far from Seoul.  The meaning of the name of the place means rocks, so I thought I would see a lot of rocks so I visited the place but it was just a normal village!! *laughs* However, aimlessly looking for a place to visit is also a good idea.


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