Friday, July 19, 2013

[News] Movie Starts Filming, Yoon Kyesang and Koh Joonhee's Romantic Beginning

Red Carpet started shooting at Noori Pictures in Seoul on the 4th of July. Red Carpet is a romantic comedy about a man (Yoon Kyesang) who has had 10 years of experience in directing erotic movies and an actress (Koh Joonhee) who debuted as a child actress 20 years ago.

Yoon Kyesang said that it's the first time he's filming a movie scenario like this. He finds it very interesting, and he's been getting along with his co-stars very well. The co-stars have also began filming, with Oh Jungse, Jo Dalhwan and Hwang Chansung recently finishing a scene in which they had to buy movie props from an adult shop. According to sources, the three of them were curious about how the adult products work so they were play-acting with them, leading to much laughter on set. The movie targets to wrap up filming around September, and will premiere later in the year.

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