Saturday, March 30, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Wooyoung's New Girlfriend

Who is this friend sitting next to me... D'Artagnan?! Panda?! Minjuni hyung?! 
Or...Girlfriend?! kekeke cute keke

@Jun2daKAY : 
Me, it's me *cough*

[Twitter] My Little Brother, 2PM Jun. K :)

With my favorite musketeer @Jun2daKAY Minjun, my little brother


Friday, March 29, 2013

[Poster] 2PM Lotte Duty Free Wallpaper [Calendar for April 2013]

[News] 'We Got Married' Ok Taecyeon Humiliation, Oh Young Gyul Says "I Like Nichkhun"

Ok Taecyeon was humiliated by his virtual wife.

[CF] 2PM Nichkhun @ Mitsubishi Mirage Bloom

Source: YggDraZil YggDraZilGroup

[Entertainment][ENG] A Song For You - 2PM Wooyoung

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[News] 2PM to Hold Concert in June, Following May Comeback

Six-member “beast idols” 2PM, who just announced their comeback through a teaser trailer on March 25 is set to hold a concert in Korea in June.

[News] 2PM to sing “Give Me Love” for Japanese TBS drama ‘Take Five’

To make up for their two year hiatus, 2PM have a lot in store for HOTTESTs in the next couple months including the release of a drama OST!

[News] 2PM’s Chansung answers questions about his acting debut on ’7th Grade Civil Servant’

2PM‘s Chansung answered questions about his acting debut in the MBC drama ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘, which aired its finale on the 28th.

Check out the interview below!

[News] 2PM model for Chinese online game ‘QQ Dance 2′

HOTTEST in China have another reason besides 2PM‘s comeback to put their hands up. 2PM have become endorsement models for the Chinese online game ‘QQ Dance 2‘.

[News] TVXQ, Big Bang, and 2PM nominated for ‘MTV VMAJ 2013′ awards

K-pop’s hottest idol groups TVXQ, Big Bang, and 2PM have been nominated for ‘MTV Video Music Awards Japan 2013‘!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Junho and the smelly bear?

I do not think this bear showers

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung - Please watch my last act

Drama will start soon.^^ This is the last week already! You'll watch it real time tomorrow right? 

[News] 2PM’s Junho Exits Out of Movie to Focus on Comeback

After announcing a huge comeback to come, 2PM’s Junho decided to not overdo things and dropped out of the movie, Minority Opinion.

[Entertainment][ENG] 2PM Taecyeon @ Global We Got Married_Press Conference

Source: GlobalWeGotMarried

[News] 2PM to perform their new solo songs at their June concert

2PM is continuing to tease for their comeback as they drop bits and pieces of info here and there. The latest updates to come are that the members will be performing their new solo songs in their June concert!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Nichkhun's "Enjoy Now" Policy

One of the reasons why I can "Enjoy Now" is because I have my lovely Hottest. 
Thank you for this book n the bookmark. 

[Twitter] 2PM Jun. K - Happy Birthday Brother!

@Jun2daKAY 26:
@ JOHAN327 Our brother Happy Birthday!! WITH RICHARD!!

[Twitter] 2PM Nichkhun's "Live Happy" Policy

Stand up straight n smile to the world.
Hold no grudge but never forget the cause of the pain.
Live happily.Smile = ]. 

[Twitter] 2PM Taking Over the World

2PM are just seeping through globally now, aren't they~~ 

@taeccool How's the plan on going to outer space coming? 

We'll first conquer the world, and then we'll conquer the universe. Gogossing~

@Jun2daKAY @taeccool The plan got cancelled 
because there was not a single living human being there Heeheeheehee 

@changddaiworld @Jun2daKAY We should go to outer space and 
try turning some aliens into Hottests then Kekeke 

Credit: w2dtranslation 

[News] 2PM’s MV trailer featured on billboards in New York’s Times Square & London’s Piccadilly

At exactly 2PM on March 25 KST, 2PM unveiled their amazingly epic MV teaser to the world.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Nichkhun - You can inspire too!

Doesnt matter if you work in a sewer or you're a prime minister. 
You can inspire others without knowing it. Good day~

[Twitter] 2PM Taecyeon - It's coming!

It's coming!!!!! Mwahahahahahahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahah

[Twitter] Sweet talk between 2PM Junho & 2AM Seulong

@2AMONG Seems like you’ll get knocked over if I tap you keke Put some weight on

@dlwnsghek Ah I just can’t put any weight on. But I actually did put a little bit on

@2AMONG A king should have some belly fat to be stern

@dlwnsghek I should put some stomach pads in keke
I’ve thousands of things to talk about stories full of excitement & danger~~~~♥♥♥

@2AMONG kekeke LOL kekeke I’m smiling automatically kekeke

@dlwnsghek We’re on the phone now~~ To be continued kekekekeke

@2AMONG Don’t report every little thing on twitter kekeke Text me Two P (to be) continued~

Credit: 0125_ in Twitter

[News] Idols Choose the Best of the Best Amongst Themselves

Who really is the best dancer among idols? Or the best singer? Put your biases aside! The idols have voted and chosen among themselves who the best of the best really are.

To celebrate their fifth anniversary, Sports Donga surveyed seventy current idols to vote for the best idol groups in five categories: Best Vocalist, Best Rapper, Best Dancer, Best Visual, and Best TV Presence. Each category was divided by gender and the winners were determined purely by the number of votes. Check out the winners (and the runner ups)  and see what other idols had to say about the them.

The idol groups who participated in the survey are Girl’s Day, Nine Muses, Rainbow, miss A, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, B.A.P, Shinhwa, CNBLUE, AOA, FT Island, EXO-K, MBLAQ, U-KISS, ZE:A, JJ Project, JYJ, G.NA, 2AM, 2PM, KARA, and 15&.

[News] 2PM Prepares for a Mega Comeback

On March 25 at 2PM (KST), 2PM will release a comeback teaser through its official Youtube page and Naver.

[News] JYP Entertainment shares location of 2PM’s trailer placement in New York’s Times Square & London’s Piccadilly

2PM is set to release a trailer worldwide on March 25 ahead of their comeback.

Friday, March 22, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon-FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki to Begin ‘We Got Married’ Global Edition on April 5!

Idol group 2PM member Taecyeon and band FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki will begin their fake marriage with other global stars for the global edition of “We Got Married.”

MBC stated, “The world edition will go for a total of 15 episodes and will begin on April 5 in over 20 different countries. It can also be seen in Korea on the MBC Drama net.

[Teaser] 2PM Taecyeon @ We Got Married (Global Edition)

Source: Kai2dayeo2pmUpdate6

[News] ‘We Got Married (World)’ couple Taecyeon and Gui Gui display their chemistry

2PM‘s Taecyeon and Wu Ying Jie (Gui Gui), who will be starring in the ‘world version’ of ‘We Got Married‘, snapped beautiful photos while walking in a winter wonderland.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

[Twitter] MissA Suzy scaring 2PM Junho

That's right, Sometimes you need some proper blood circulations.

@missA_suzy You're scary ..

[Twitter] 2PM Junho's Tired Eyes

My eyes are watery. For the days waiting for us~^^ for 

@dlwnsghek Have strength, Juno-yah. Here, let me give you some energy.

@2AMONG Energy...

[News] 2PM to kick off their return with a comeback trailer

Rejoice Hottests for 2PM is indeed coming back!

[News] 2PM prepping for comeback after 2 year hiatus

2PM will finally be back to the music scene after 2 years! On March 22nd, an official from JYP Entertainment revealed, "2PM's comeback is in progress. A comeback trailer will be unveiled on the 25th."

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

[News] 2PM, SECRET, 4minute, and more to join the list of hot comebacks this April

There’s no better way to start the new season than with comebacks from some of your favorite artists!

[News] 2PM’s Jun.K opens up about his musical debut in ‘Three Musketeers’

2PM‘s Jun.K recently made his musical debut as D’Artagnan in ‘The Three Musketeers‘, and he’s already made his mark as a rising star.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Nichkhun & 2AM Jokwon

Thailand fans .!! Thank you so much !! :-)  

[Twitter] 2PM Junho & Taecyeon showing support for Jun. K

Today was difficult from bad condition but my first-time brothers Junho hyung, Sunchang-i hyung and Gyungju hyungnim!! And our Junho & Taec all give me strength!!

Minjun-KAY-tagnan is great keke

@taeccool Thanks for coming, bro 

Kor-Eng: Egle @2pmalways

[Twitter] 2PM Nichkhun Loves You!

You are so lovely that I can't help loving you guys more = ] Kob "Khun" Krub