Friday, March 22, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon-FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki to Begin ‘We Got Married’ Global Edition on April 5!

Idol group 2PM member Taecyeon and band FTISLAND member Lee Hong Ki will begin their fake marriage with other global stars for the global edition of “We Got Married.”

MBC stated, “The world edition will go for a total of 15 episodes and will begin on April 5 in over 20 different countries. It can also be seen in Korea on the MBC Drama net.

2PM Taecyeon and FTISLAND Lee Hong Ki have been chosen for the global edition of “We Got Married.”

For their partners, Taecyeon will be teaming up with Taiwan idol singer Wu Ying Jie and Lee Hong Ki will be with Japan actress Fuji Mina.

The cast will go back and forth from Korea, Japan and Taiwan to film the episodes.

Fuji Mina has been known for her role int he SBS drama, “King of Drama.” She had double majored in Korean in college and has no problem speaking the language.

Wu Ying Jie is part of the idol group Hey Girl and is fluent in English, Japanese and Chinese. This will help the two when it comes to communicating as Taecyeon is from the states.

The global edition of  “We Got Married” was planned and released as a way to expand each countries culture.

Last year, Super Junior Kyuhyun and T-ARA Hyomin also held a small segment of the show for a China edition.

Today, the preview video for the show was uploaded online. It showed the pairs meeting one another and doing a variety of different events.

Many fans are excited for this show to start as it features a variety of stars from different Asian countries.

This show will begin on April 5 on OneTVAsia.

Source: gokpop

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