Friday, March 29, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Chansung answers questions about his acting debut on ’7th Grade Civil Servant’

2PM‘s Chansung answered questions about his acting debut in the MBC drama ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘, which aired its finale on the 28th.

Check out the interview below!

Q: “What are your thoughts on finishing your first production?”
A: “Because it is my first drama, I was very nervous and had a lot of worries. But once filming began, and with the warm encouragement from the director, writer, and sunbaenims, I learned a lot and always had a good time filming. Although there were a lot of times I filmed after little sleep due to 2PM’s overseas schedule, I am happy that I was able to show a new image as the actor Hwang Chansung in ’7th Grade Civil Servant’. I took one step forward as an actor, and I got to understand and learn more about acting and formed a greater determination. I have a lot of regrets because I think I could have done a better job.”

Q: “How did it feel to live not as Chansung but as Gong Do Ha?”
A: “It was really fun and interesting. To be honest, Do Ha and I have completely different personalities, so there were times in the drama I wasn’t able to understand Do Ha’s actions. But as time passed, I became one with the role and began to understand Do Ha. I am thankful that I got to play such a handsome character for my first drama.”

Q: “What was the relationship with your sunbaenims like?”
A: “Through ’7th Grade Civil Servant’, I was able to receive a lot of love and advice from many sunbaenims. They helped me, who was lacking a lot, with their careful advice and encouragement. I’m just grateful.”

Q: “How would you review yourself as an actor?”
A: “After the drama aired, I was very happy that contrary to what I worried about, I received more compliments than I expected. When I realized that a lot of people were watching my acting debut and supporting me, my determination to work harder grew. But I think that I still have a lot to improve before I compliment myself. As I learned more about acting, I realized more and more how much further I have to go, and my determination to learn more and work harder increased. I will work hard and improve more to become an actor with more depth.”

Q: “What are your plans for the future?”
A: “After finishing 2PM’s concert in Guangzhou at the end of March and Thailand early April, 2PM has a two-day Tokyo Dome concert starting April 20th, and we plan to come back in Korea with a new album in May. If the opportunity comes, I want to return as Chansung the actor through a good production. I want to play various characters in many productions.”

Q: “Say something to your viewers.”
A: “I thank everyone who loved and supported ’7th Grade Civil Servant’. Thanks to your immense support and love, I had fun and was happy while playing Gong Do Ha for the past three months. Thank you!”

Source: allkpop

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