Thursday, March 14, 2013

[News] Idol Groups Life Span is 5 Years? ‘Groups Prove Otherwise’

It seems that the rumors that idol groups life span is 5 years is not true anymore.

There seems to be many idol groups that have overcome the 5 year mark and are going stronger than ever.

When looking at groups such as Super Junior, TVXQ, Big Bang, Girls’ Generation, JYJ, 2AM, Shinhwa, 2PM and others, they are all groups that have surpassed the 5 year mark and are still successful.

If it was according to the ’5 year jinx’, all these groups would have already fallen apart and disbanded, however, all these bands are actually doing better than ever and are at the top of the list.

2AM, who debuted in 2008, recently released their new song last week and ranked number 1 on the music charts. Out of the many idol groups, they are one of the few vocal groups out there that are still going strong. This time, they have come back with a song that has a more classic and indie vibe weather than their usual ballads. They worked with other great artists such as Epitone Project and Yiruma. For 2AM, they seem to have begun their second chapter of their music careers.

SHINee, who debuted in 2007, is also still going strong. They first received recognition with their debut song and their cute and young image. They also gained much attention for their advanced choreography and stage performance. For their new song, “Dream Girl,” they came back with a unique mic stand dance. They showed both tough and sexy through their stage performances. They are now also the biggest hit amongst older age group as well.

Girls’ Generation, aside from vocal group Brown Eyed Girls, is the only other girl group that has made it past the 5 year mark. Since their debut, they have gained so much popularity with their fun and upbeat songs as well as their amazing beauty. They brought about a change in the music industry with their large group of 9 members. They continued to bring out fun and cute songs that revealed a bit of sexy and cute.

This year, they made a comeback with “I Got a Boy” and shocked fans everywhere. They threw away their high heels for sneakers and showed off a hip hop and charismatic performance.

2PM is JYP Entertainment’s strongest group as they continue to rise in the K-Pop industry, regardless of the crises they’ve gone through.

With their strong and charismatic image, they have over 10 contracts to be models for companies. This is considered amazing as they have not been active for around 2 years.

Super Junior and Big Bang, who debuted in 2005 and 2006, are also at the top of the industry. They are now known as international stars as they have a huge fan base outside of Korea. Both teams have also completed world tours as well.

One official commented, “With many of these groups slowly making their way to the top, they need to make sure they organize and schedule solo activities and such so as not to become a problem for overseas activities.”

These group have become role models for rookie groups as they show their continuous hard work and teamwork to becoming the next world star.

Source: ohkpop

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