Monday, January 28, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Jun. K's "True SWAG"


[Twitter] 2PM Wooyoung's Childhood Moment @ Osaka

Osaka seems to give off a good vibe~ ^^ 
Let the childhood moment begins kekeke

Innocent heart... keke This is the last childhood moments for today keke 
Good night~ My ladies? ~

[News] 2PM’s Junho Celebrates Birthday At Concert

2PM recently gave a passionate performance for fans in Japan on their “Legend of 2PM” tour stop in Nagoya. Tickets to their concerts scheduled for Nagoya on January 24 and 25 sold out within one minute of them becoming available online.

Sunday, January 27, 2013

[News] 2PM’s Woo Young gets embarrassed for faking his height

Recently, Woo Young of 2PM has been embarrassed with extra layers of heel in his shoes.

[Twitter] 2PM @ Universal Studios Japan Osaka

Me, Young-shi and Nichkhun-shi travel back to the childhood moments

Childhood Moment~ One keke ^^

Childhood Moment Two~ keke

Childhood Moment Three~ Euhaha~~~ ^0^  

Childhood Moment Four keke 

And now! The In. Fa. (Childhood Moment Five)

[Entertainment][ENG] 130112 Satzone - 2PM Nichkhun

Source: TIME2SUBtv

[HJM Arena Tour Blog] 2PM @ Osaka Castle

Taecyeon & Nichkhun ♥ A pose in front of the Osaka Castle (^0^)

 Wooyoung, Nichkhun & Taecyeon ♥ Infront of Osaka Castle :)

Wooyoung, Taecyeon & Nichkhun ♥ Infront of Osaka Castle ^_^

Taecyeon ♥ That is the Osaka-jo Hall outside the window :)

[Twitter] 2PM Junho recording for a new song?

Let's do a recording~~ Keke (Thank you, Kazu-sshi)

[HJM Arena Tour Blog] 2PM Captures The Moment with Fans

Credit: 2PM_Memoria  

[News] 2PM Expands Asia Tour to Philippines, Thailand and More

2PM is taking its 2013 Asia tour to even more cities.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Nichkhun & The Osaka Puppies

[HJM] Arena tour blog Nichkhun ♥ 
Meeting with puppies during a walk in Osaka '-')?

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung is watching...

I’m watching you, Kyung Ja, Ji Won, Seo Won!

[Poster] Legend of 2PM Photobook

[Twitter] 2PM Jun. K sightseeing in Japan



[Twitter] 2PM Taecyeon sightseeing in Japan

Long time no see

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung's Amazing Kid

Jeonggamie you wanna run..? ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Or... Do you want to sit obediently..? ㅋㅋ 
What an amazing kid..  

[Twitter] 2PM KhunWoo Couple

Nagoyaaa~~~ Byeee~~~ ♥~~ Leaving with good memories... >.< 
But!! What to do with this frustration??...ㅠㅠ  

[News] ’7th Grade Civil Servant’ cast promises a pajama dance video if ratings surpass 25%

On the January 25th broadcast of MBC‘s ‘Section TV‘, the stars of the new romantic comedy ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘ teased viewers with promises of performing various tasks once viewer ratings surpass the 25% mark.

Friday, January 25, 2013

[News] 2PM lands on cover of Japanese magazine ‘Hanako’ for 3rd year in a row

2PM has landed on the cover of popular Japanese magazine Hanako for the third year in a row.

[Spoiler] 2PM’s Chansung makes his first appearance on ’7th Grade Civil Servant’

On the January 24th premiere of MBC‘s romantic comedy ‘7th Grade Civil Servant‘, 2PM‘s Chansung made his first appearance as elite agent Gong Do Ha.

[News] 2PM to continue tour in 2013 with concerts in three countries across Asia

Calling all HOTTESTs! 2PM is continuing on with their tour this year and will meet their fans in Asia once again for their ‘2PM LIVE TOUR 2013 “What Time Is It?”‘ tour.

[Twitter] Happy Birthday 2PM Junho!

Thank you so much for the special birthday ^ - ^ 
Thank you to fans who celebrate birthday with me. Love you all.

Thank you Nagoya~ The past 2 days have been so great! 
Take care of yourself until we meet next time! = ] 
@dlwnsghek @dlwnsghek Junho~ Happy Birthday!! Love you~ <3

@dlwnsghek Happy Birthday kekeke


 Thank you for your existence in this world.

Your smile is the most beautiful smile I have ever seen.
Have the widest smile birthday!
눈 웃음으로 우리를 따뜻한 햇살처럼 쏟아지는 귀엽고 멋진 준호얌!! 생일은 정~말 진심으로 축하행!! 우리는 반드시 언제든지 준호한테 SAY YES!! ♥♥♥
สุขสันต์วันเกิดอีจุนโฮ หนุ่มใจดีและยิ้มเก่ง
ขอบคุณที่ทำให้เรามีความสุขเสมอมา ขอให้ปีนี้เป็นปีที่ดียิ่งๆ ขึ้นไป

Credit: 2pmalways

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

[News] 2PM takes on radio show

2PM fans around the world will rejoice when given the chance to have the Hallyu group sing them a song.

[Entertainment] 2PM @ NEPA History SHOW 2013 ISENBERG Launching SHOW

Source: SSTVnews

Source: dioelslieed

[News] 2PM to visit Thailand on 3rd Feb as TaoKaeNoi presenters

At last the 6 members of popular boy band, 2PM, are coming to please Thai fans once again, this time as presenters of “TaoKaeNoi”. They are also revealing a new flavour, Angry Spicy BBQ, in the event “TAOKAENOI Hottest&Spicy with 2PM” which will take place on Sunday 3 February 2013 from 1pm in front of Hard Rock Café. Those who want to get up close with the members on stage can use receipt of TaoKaeNoi purchases over 350 Baht to register at the event.


[Entertainment][ENG] 130107 Just Love JK - 2PM press conference cut

Source: TIME2SUBtv

[Twitter] 2PM Wooyoung's New Love


[Teaser] 2PM Junho @ 2013 movies to watch out for "Stakeout (감시)"

Source: 정식 김

[Poster] "Level 7 Civil Servant" Relationship Mapping

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung is a thief?!

Mwahaha This Thief Gong!!! The sound of that is weird.. .'?'  RT @jihyunkim

Credit: Egle @2pmalways

[News] 2PM’s Hwang Chan Sung: “I tightened up my abs for my first TV series”

2PM’s Hwang Chan Sung recently talked about his first TV series.

[Entertainment] 2PM’s Junho “Path Towards You” (feat. Taecyeon) for Chansung’s drama ’7th Grade Civil Servant’

Source: BubbleFeetGravityOST

[News] 2PM’s Junho and Taecyeon sing “Path Towards You” for Chansung’s drama ’7th Grade Civil Servant’

2PM‘s Junho and Taecyeon are showing their support for fellow member Chansung‘s drama with the release of an OST track!

[News] 2PM‘s Nichkhun Makes First Public Appearance Since Accident

Nichkhun, member of 2PM, made his first public appearance following a car accident July of last year.

He stood alongside his fellow 2PM members, along with other celebrities, on January 22nd for the Nepa History Show & 2013 Isenberg Launching Fashion Show at the COEX in Seoul.

Other stars in attendance included Kim Go-eun, Seo In-gook, and SISTAR.

Source: ohkpop

[News] 2PM’s Nichkhun appears at his first official public event in Korea since his accident

2PM‘s Nichkhun recently appeared for his first official public promotional event following his accident last July alongside his members and other celebrities on the 22nd.

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung thanking the fans for donating rice and coal briquettes

7 grade civil servants press conference when the briquettes! Euheuheu Thank you ^ ^




Friday, January 18, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Jun. K & The Three Musketeers Gang

Done with the Three Musketeers practice, at the get-together. Minjongie hyung buys!!^^  

Credit: Egle @2pmalways

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung's Happy Meal

Tasty, iznt it? Mwahaha, I didn't eat it all by myself lol  

Dessert came so I ate it, was so ecstatic that took a picture of an eaten thing.. 
plz understand... kekeke

Credit: Egle @2pmalways