Monday, July 29, 2013

[Twitter] 2PM Chansung & Wooyoung Supporting Taecyeon's new drama

@taeccool Umm… Mr Cha Gunwoo, what’s the time of the first broadcast for today?

@2PMagreement211 @taeccool It’s at 11 pm, right ??

@0430yes @taeccool Omo that’s so kind of you… 
Mon/Tue TVN drama ‘Who Are You’ broadcasts at 11pm… 
umhaha it’s gonna be great, horror romance!!!!!

@2PMagreement211 but Imight be wrong too, Chansung-ah… ehehe

@0430yes Don’t try to excuse yourself with your cuteness, 
Jang Woodong you little chicken !!!! Kekeke

@2PMagreement211 Thanks for thinking that I’m cute keke 
by the way let’s watch the broadcast tonight^^ Taectaec Taecyeonnie hyung keke

@0430yes Ohonghong honghonghong

@2PMagreement211 @0430yes Ah, having two such thoughtful younger brothers 
hyung is so happy???

@taeccool @0430yes Eat your meals well and don’t skip it kekeke 
I’ll go visit you at the filming site keke!!

@taeccool : 
@2PMagreement211 @0430yes kekeke you too, shoot ‘Red Carpet’ well~ 
if there’s time, I’ll go visit you there kekeke

@taeccool @0430yes Eekkekeke Good good keke!!!

@taeccool @2PMagreement211 Let's all do well..

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