Friday, July 12, 2013

[TRANS] tvN drama plot summary

"Don't look back, just continue walking. The people who stay here will stand by you and wish for the best as you carry on through your path. Don't bear any regrets or misses, just continue walking." This is what people say during funerals.

After crying for so long, you thought the tears would never come back again but because of the sentence "don't ever look back, just continue walking", you start to cry again. And there's this feeling, as though you're by my side...

Here, there's this lady who can see ghosts. She was found to be in a coma, brain dead but miraculously woke up after 8 years. After waking up, she has lost her memory but has also gained the supernatural ability to see ghosts. She detested her pair of eyes and this supernatural ability. But soon, she learned to accept it.

Due to some matters that led her to the Lost and Found centre at the police station, she met a guy. This guy appeared as a superior and met this lady that can see ghosts. He appears cheerful but in reality, he is someone with a torn and broken soul, thus he doesn't trust people easily. To protect himself, he decided to be a policeman.

From a man who only trusts things after witnessing them with his own eyes, his personality changed after meeting this lady. He was emotionally healed by this lady and starts to learn how to put himself in other people's shoes.

Just when both of them are starting to know each other better, a guy appeared. This guy pledged to live forever for this lady so even after he died, he actually never left this lady.

Through their acting, this show aims to show the viewers the value of lost love and the important act of gratitude for the people you cherish and value. This drama of a "supernatural" genre will warm everyone's hearts.

Notes: Taecyeon's character, the guy as referenced above is named Cha Geonwoo. The female lead, So Yihyun's character is named Yang Shion.  The ghost is Lee Hyungjoon and his character's name is: Kim Jaewook. 

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