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[TRANS] Ticket Pia Exclusive Interview w/ 2PM Jun. K

Ticket Pia Exclusive Interview w/ Jun. K

The musical “The Three Musketeers" was performed three years in a row plus a fourth performance this year which became a big hit. The work, which was turned into a stage play based on a novel with the same name by the greatest writer Alexandre Dumas in France, has been performed repeatedly and loved since its premiere in the Czech Republic in 2004 and will be landing in Japan this summer. In addition, the luxurious stage set and costumes, the story full of humor that describes love and friendship, and highlights such as dramatic musical numbers will never cease. The musical is set in 17th-century France, recounting the adventures of a young man named D’Artagnan who joins three of the Musketeers of the Guard. We interviewed Jun. K (2PM) who plays D’Artagnan in Japan too, following the performances in Korea.

- It was your first time challenging a musical, right?
Yes. I was happy about the offer since I had wanted to appear in a musical for a long time!

- How did you perfect your role for the first performance? Did you receive any advice from your seniors?
When practicing, I was told “You should act while thinking about D’Artagnan’s feelings about why he decided to come to Paris at that time," by Nam Gyeongju senior, who plays Athos. I was able to become D’Artagnan naturally after listening to his advice. Rather than just speaking the lines, I tried to react naturally by listening well to what my partner was saying. Such exchanges with my senior actors are very pleasant, and I think that’s the charm of the stage. It comes naturally to me, mostly due to the many adlibs in “The Three Musketeers" (laughs).

- Jun. K-san’s performances have been receiving good reviews, do you feel your own growth after so many performances? Please tell me if there are any parts you became confident in doing.
Naturally, I perform while identifying myself with D’Artagnan. It seems like the character D’Artagnan is permeated into me… so even until now, I have never regretted performing as him. I got a good review from the audience, and I really appreciate it but there are many things I still have to learn since I’m still a newcomer, so I should take on the role even more. I’ll do my best!

- What is your favorite number and scene?
My favorite song is “Romance of Paris." This is a song full of joyful expectation. In addition to the joy of having friends, you are able to look back at yourself and feel very happy while listening to the song.

- Then, what about your favorite line?
My favorite line is “Justice surely exists." It shows the purpose of D’Artagnan’s actions.

- How did you spend your time with your co-performers in the dressing room?
I shared a dressing room together with Aramis (Kim Minjong) and Porthos (Cho Sunchang), and we talked the whole time. We had a good time making ramen and taking some pictures together.

- The performance in Japan will finally be coming in August. Are there any things that you’re looking forward to other than the stage?
There is a lot of delicious food in Japan…! I’d like to go to the Sweet Forest in Jiyugaoka. And pretty interior shops in Japan too. Actually I recently moved. I’d really like to go touring interior design shops!!

Source: Ticket Pia
Jpn > Eng trans by rikakotsu @JunkayStreet
Trans edited by Heartfelt @JunkayStreet

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