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[TRANS] 2PM Taecyeon @ Shanghai Entertainment Magazine

Ok Taecyeon, the attack of a handsome, rich, and tall guy

A handsome appearance, an idol personality, American-born* (note: he grew up in America, but was born in Korea, so this is not correct), highly educated, grew up in a family with high education - in the Korean entertainment industry appears another 'tall, handsome, rich' guy Ok Taecyeon. He debuted in 2008 as a member of 2PM and rose to stardom immediately as a beast idol. In 2013, he's everywhere - the TaecGui pairing in 'We Got Married Global' was popular, 2PM’s new album was selling like hot cakes, his new drama 'Who Are You', and his debut movie 'Marriage Blues' are also about to be released.  

1) Who Are You: an awkward policeman 

The drama that Taecyeon stars in, 'Who Are You', is about to air on July 29th. In this thriller drama that involves the cracking of mysteries, Taecyeon acts as a policeman who only trusts things only after he witnesses and touches it. He was originally on difficult terms with his co-star, So Yi Hyun, who's acting as a policewoman who can see souls. But after understanding each other, both of them developed mutual feelings. 

Although he debuted as a singer, Taecyeon’s acting career has been rather smooth-sailing. He acted in 'Cinderella’s Sister' in 2010 and co-starred with Moon Geun Young. That time, Moon Geun Young felt that Taecyeon wouldn't take acting seriously and even openly opposed to him joining the cast. However, after finishing filming, she was in awe. The show eventually clinched high viewership and the both of them evolved into good friends.

In 'Who Are You', Taecyeon is paired up with So Yi Hyun, who is four years older than him. The pairing wasn't favored by fans, but after the romantic preview that featured them playing in the water as though they were really a pair and the towel kiss, the fans were sold and many people started looking forward to the drama. The director mentioned that 'Who Are You' talks about a love story related to souls, which makes it different than other dramas. The relationship between So Yi Hyun and Taecyeon is rather cliché, from constantly bickering to falling in love with each other. The transformation is rather interesting. Taecyeon has also put in a lot of effort in the drama and many fans will be lucky to witness him wearing the policeman uniform this summer. 

2) We Got Married Global: A sweet caring lover 

Be it his looks or his body, Ok Taecyeon is often seen as a beast idol. He is dubbed as the number one beast in the idol world, ripping his shirt on stage often. However, in MBC’s We Got Married Global, people start to realize that behind his strong exterior, he's actually a rather sweet caring lover. He constantly cares for his mischievous 'wife' Gui Gui. During their first meeting at a ski lodge, he observed that Gui Gui was constantly tripping. So he held her hand to keep her from falling. Also, when he saw that Gui Gui’s gloves were wet from the perpetual tripping, he immediately removed her gloves and placed her hands into his pockets. The relationship doesn't look scripted at all and felt natural, causing many viewers to fall in love with them. Taecyeon’s popularity rose quickly in China and netizens complimented that TaecGui is the most compatible pair in WGMG. Gui Gui also praised Taecyeon that he is a 'very caring oppa'.

(A whole chunk of info omitted that talks about their marriage) 

Although it was just a virtual marriage, many TaecGui fans were able to sense their love and chemistry between each other, hoping that they can turn from a virtual couple to a real one, being together forever. 

3) Marriage Blues: dashing chef 

Taecyeon’s debut movie 'Marriage Blues' will be airing in the second half of the year. It has already finished filming but the details cannot be revealed yet. However, Taecyeon is really anticipating the release of the movie, mentioning through his management company that "he is very privileged to be able to participate in the movie directed by a talented director. He is also very happy to be able to work with talented seniors. He will put in a lot of effort to present the best to everyone." This city romance movie revolves around 4 couples, who experienced a change in their lives just one week before their marriage. Ok Taecyeon is acting as a dashing chef whose fiancé, Lee Yeonhee, suddenly fell in love with a comic artist. There will be a triangle love affair among the three of them. However, in the wedding photo of Lee Yeonhee and Taecyeon, no one can sense the bitterness in Taecyeon because they looked really sweet.

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