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[TRANS] 2PM Junho for Smart Magazine - September 2013

Interviewer (I): How did you find out about getting a solo debut? Was there anything you were particularly worried about?
unho (JH): I found out through a phone call in the car where I was asked, "What do you think about it (going on a solo debut)?" I answered immediately with, "I have to do it." Concering the solo debut, I wasn't particularly worried because I just wanted to work on it as soon as possible and I was just overflowing with ideas. And now I'm really happy that my dream of having a solo Zepp Tour is coming true!

I: Songs, music videos, album covers, outfits.... How did you go about dealing with them?
JH: While producing the songs, I had to know myself well enough and see myself from a different point of view. I also asked my friends and people around me about my strengths and had them evaluate me. This helped me decide what I wanted to do for the album. The theme for this album is easy-going, liberating, and free. So for my outfits, I chose something that fits my style.

I: In this album, what are your favorite songs?
JH: Kimi No Koe and I Love You

I: What's your hobby?
JH: Riding a bicycle.

I: What brands do you like?
JH: Balmain, Rick Owens and Givenchy.

I: Compared to the last time we saw you, Junho seems to show more maturity. Why is this so?
JH: I'm not sure either. But after touring around the world for concerts with 2PM, I was able to expand my horizons and learn to be better on stage. Through that period, there were tough times. The combined experiences allowed me to learn a lot and grow.

I: What's your motto in life?
JH: "There will be a day when your sincerity will be understood." There are times when you can't immediately express your sincerity but if you constantly do so, people will definitely see and learn from it someday. I really like that sentence because it not only applies to love and work, but also my relationship with my fans and friends. I constantly apply this motto to my life.

I: Among the Japanese fans, Junho has the title 'Emperor', do you know of that?
JH: Yes. *laughs* I may look like one, I guess, but I'm actually really humble and simple! *laughs*

I: What do you hope for the 2nd part of the year?
JH: For it to be my year. *laughs*

I: Why don't you leave a message for SMART's readers?
JH: As a 2PM member, this is my solo debut! This album encompasses my ideas and the things I want to express to all of you, so please listen to it more often and love it!


Small bag - In this small bag, there are necessities for concerts, e.g. earphones, battery chargers, vitamins.

Japanese book - I  use my free time to learn Japanese.

iPad - I use it to watch fancams of 2PM during concerts, look at interesting photos taken by the members, movies, and etc.

Sunglasses (SUPER IMPORTANT) - I constantly use it. It's really convenient and I wear it while going to the studio or while I'm at the airport. 

Vanilla ice cream - I really like it. Eating it for desserts is a bliss indeed.


1) キミの声 (Kimi No Koe) 

In the car, on the way back to the hotel from the concert, I couldn't forget the fans' screams of support, and my heart was still beating fast. So I translated the feelings into words and melodies. This song is for the fans. I'm trying to convey the message that wherever I may be, I will never forget the fans' supports and their love for me.

2) Like a star 

This song is akin to the meaning of 'Like a star, like a sun that shines on you.' The lyrics shows that even though things may be tough, but because I'm by your side protecting you, all the obstacles and hardships can be overcome. This song is perfect for love and/or friendship.

3) 目を閉じて (Close Your Eyes)

This song has a hint of sexiness. I wanted to write a song that was one of a kind and is different from the songs I always perform with the female dancers during concerts.

4) Good bye

This song paints a picture of a lake in the night, with nothing around it except the bright full moon shining over it. It's meant to depict loneliness. The song is about two lovers separating from each other.

5) I Love You

Spring and summer are arriving. Walking past blissful couples in the middle of a myriad of cherry blossoms, I felt inspired to write this song. This song expresses the feelings of first love, which is pure but peppered with tinge of nervousness and excitement.

6) Heartbreaker (Ver. B) 

The theme for this song is bad boy. I didn't entirely participate in the making of this song but I suggested quite a lot of ideas for it since I wanted to sing it like a bad boy.

7) I'm in love, Japanese version (Ver. B)

I wrote this song for 2PM, but as I was writing it, I felt the need to place this song in my solo album. The story of this song is about how a guy, who finds no meaning in his life, met a lady, who was very different from other ladies he's ever met. And ever since then, the guy found meaning in his life. The song expresses a guy's feelings of never wanting to let his lady leave.

8) Say yes, 2013 Tokyo Dome Live Version (Ver. B)

I wrote this song for the tour earlier this year. The song is a rock song, which is different from 2PM's image. It's about expressing your affection for your partner and hoping to receive a YES as the answer. This song is youthful and vibrant, which made me have the idea of wearing a uniform while singing it.

CREDITS: riiixoxonaPM #1 & 2 (SCANS) ; 小鱼儿@KINGJUNHO.COM (JPN > CHN TRANS) ; treecinrehs@2ONEDAY.COM (CHN > ENG TRANS)

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