Sunday, July 21, 2013

[News] 2PM Taecyeon A Model Student? Attendance Record Proves Otherwise

The Korean media has been flooded with reports of 2PM member Taecyeon's exemplary new role as a masters student, but that might not be the whole truth.

Taking on a new challenging endeavor, Ok Taecyeon enrolled in Korea University's International Studies program earlier this year. When he announced his academic pursuits he explained, "I might not be a scholar, but it is something I want to try."

Taecyeon also said that he wanted to use his fame to work internationally for a good cause. "I'm going to work hard so that I can become an ambassador of peace," he said in an interview back in February of this year.

However, a little investigative journalism has uncovered the truth behind Taecyeon's masters studies, or rather, lack of studies.

A reporter for Kuki News revealed that the idol singer skipped every class during his first semester of school.

With the class attendance roster and testimony from classmates as evidence, it seems that Taecyeon's busy schedule as an entertainer has gotten in the way of his studies.

One International Studies student shares five of the same courses as the 2PM singer, and claimed to not have seen him once since the beginning of the semester.

According to the School of International Studies at Korea University, "By school rules, a student gets an 'F' if he is absent more than one sixth of the classes. However, there is a option where the professor can give his own opinions for the grade."

Taecyeon's classmates have considerable doubts that he did any of the coursework or exams, but that is merely speculation.

Although, the university did say, "Even though Taecyeon registered, he missed his classes, so he probably hasn't received grades. It is difficult for him to expect grades if he's not coming to any classes."

Reaction to this report has been relatively mixed. While some netizens have scolded the entertainer for being hypocritical and lacking dedication, others have argued his work schedule does not easily allow for regular class times.

A look at the attendance sheet for one of Taecyeon's classes shows that while he was marked absent for the first half of the semester, halfway through, the professor stopped making any sort of markings whatsoever.

The Kuki News article suggests the professor gave up on the idol student, but other reports suggest Taecyeon made a private arrangement with the school to do his studies at a time that is better suited for his busy public life.

Most of the criticism, however, has not been directed at the singer per se, but rather at the media in general, who had previously reported without evidence that Taecyeon had been regularly attending classes and was doing well in school.

Fans will have a better understanding of the issue when Taecyeon and his agency JYP Entertainment make an official statement regarding the report and offer their side of the story.

Source: allkpop

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