Saturday, July 27, 2013

[News] So Who′s the Highest Ranking Police Officer in 2PM?

In his recent film Cold Eyes, 2PM member Junho took on the role of an outgoing ace member in the police surveillance section.

Taecyeon said about Junho, "I actually haven't been able to watch Cold Eyes yet, but I'm feeling pressure because Junho's doing so well. I need to work harder. I didn't share advice with Junho, but since we're both policemen we joked about which one is higher in rank."

He added, "Actually, Chansung is highest in rank because he was in the drama 7th Grade Civil Servant."

Taecyeon appears in Who Are You as Cha Geon Woo, a detective. He is a delinquient police agent, but is always enthusiastic toward solving cases.

The singer showed his determination toward his first acting role in two years since KBS2's Cinderella's Sister and Dream High.

"I'm honored I'll be able to appear before you with such a great piece," he said. "I've been pressured because it's my first lead role, but I've also been working hard. It's different from the other pieces I've acted in, and I'm trying to make it one that I won't be embarrassed of when I look back on it in the future."

Who Are You is about a woman named Si On (So E Hyun), who wakes up after a six-year coma to find she can see ghosts, and Geon Woo, a man who only believes what he can see. The two will attempt to help spirits attached to objects at a lost and found center rest in piece.

The drama's first episode will air on July 29.

Source: enewsworld

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