Tuesday, February 18, 2014

[News] 2PM Chansung-FeelDog, will appear on Taekwondo episode of 'Arts and Physical Education'..Was a Taekwondo expert 'Looking forward'

A group 2PM’s Chansung and Big Star’s FeelDog will join Taekwondo episode of KBS 2TV entertainment program ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ (‘Arts and Physical Education’.

On a phone call with OSEN on February 18th, the associate of ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ said “Chansung and FeelDog will participate in Taekwondo episode of ‘Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’” and revealed.

In addition, the associate said “The hosts of ‘Arts and Physical Education’ changed a lot this time” and said “Kang Ho Dong, John Park, Julien Kang, Seo Ji Suk and Kim Yeon Woo are the hosts and Chansung and FeelDog joins as people who appear on the shows as celebrities” and revealed.

In addition, about Chansung and FeelDog, they said “They are both good at Taekwondo. They are experts with more than 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo” and looked forward to their active roles in Taekwondo episode.

Meanwhile, Chansung and FeelDog are returning to ‘Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education’ in 6 months after appearing on badminton episode. They have previously worked together as partners for badminton double match.

Source: inthelsm@osen.co.kr

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