Sunday, June 1, 2014

[News] 'We Got Married' 2PM Wooyoung, Jealous After Watching Park Se Young's Love Scenes In Drama

Group 2PM's member Wooyoung revealed his jealousy after watching his virtual wife and actress Park Se Young's love scenes in her drama.

In MBC "We Got Married" season 4 aired today, Park Se Young prepared oil pasta herself to celebrate Wooyoung's birthday.

While seeing her cook, Wooyoung said, "I'm enjoying your drama. But I wasn't happy while watching it. You're too close to the guy," showing jealousy.

Park Se Young is currently in a romantic relationship with actor Lee Sang Woo in the SBS drama "Glorious Day".

Wooyoung also said, "It was crazy, like with see-through and everything," talking about Park Se Young's see-through outfits that showed her underwear. Wooyoung then added, "I wish you wouldn't do that from next time" and Park Se young said, "It wasn't that see-through," arousing laughter.

Source: kpopstarz

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