Tuesday, March 4, 2014

[News] Big Star's FeelDog, INFINITE's Hoya, and 2PM's Chansung show off their taekwondo moves

Although Big Star's FeelDog, INFINITE's Hoya, and 2PM's Chansung were added to the cast of 'Our Neighborhood Arts and Physical Education' for the new taekwondo portion, the three had to prove themselves before gaining access to the van for filming.

INFINITE's Hoya showed off his impressive kicks while Big Star's FeelDog revealed that he had won a silver medal in a competition for boys when he was younger, proving that he was already a professional athlete of sorts.  He also mixed in some dance moves as he showed off his taekwondo skills.

Lastly, Chansung might have left the smallest impression as he almost kicked Kang Ho Dong's hand and the van decided to take off to keep to a schedule, but he showed that he would still make the show fun and entertaining.  If anything, he probably has some hidden moves up his sleeve for later!  After all, he played a spy in '7th Grade Civil Servant.'

Source: allkpop

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