Thursday, July 31, 2014

[News] 2PM's Chansung to star in JYP Pictures' upcoming Korean-Chinese movie 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'

2PM's Chansung will star in the upcoming Korean-Chinese movie 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'!

JYP Entertainment stated on July 31, "Chansung will make a special starring as Ji Oh in the JYP Pictures and China Oriental Performing Arts Group collaborative film 'I Wanna Hold Your Hand'. [Chansung] has decided to show his support for labelmate actor Wei Da Xun who will play the lead role."

'I Wanna Hold Your Hand' is a teenage movie about self-discovery. Chansung will incorporate his real-life role as the maknae of 2PM into his role as Ji Oh, who is the maknae of idol group Stars. The movie is set to premiere in China later this year.

Source: allkpop

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