Friday, June 8, 2012

[News] "Save energy at 2 PM" 2PM becomes energy-saving ambassadors

Idol group 2PM have come out as this summer's energy-saving ambassadors. 2PM who has always paid attention to the contributions of citizen organization on energy conservation 'Energy Citizen Alliance (Korea's NGO Energy Network)' revealed on the 8th that in predicting the worst electric power shortage in the summer of 2012, they will take care of the campaign to overcome it as the ambassadors.

Aiming at the similarity between the group name 2PM and the peak time of energy use during the summer, the motto "Energy conservation timing, Save at 2PM" was set. 2PM who is currently doing activities in Japan sent a message through video saying, "There is a big lack of energy. There is a rush hour for energy too. Especially at 2PM, from 2 in the afternoon to 5 PM during the summer, one should save energy in order to overcome the risk of getting a blackout."

Reporter Im Hang
Credit Kuki News
Article http://news.kukinews...006137967&cp=nv
Translated by khy127 @ W2D

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