Monday, June 4, 2012

[News ] Wonder Girls’ Yenny reveals the name of the male voice in “Girlfriend”

Wonder Girls‘ Yenny revealed the hidden story behind the new songs that she helped write and produce, “R.E.A.L” and “Girlfriend“.

On June 3rd, Yenny tweeted, “The male voice heard in the chorus of ‘Girlfriend’ is 2PM‘s Junho! Thank you Junho for accepting our sudden request~ To be honest we were trying to do give and take and cast Taecyeon, but it didn’t work out because of his surgery.

Yenny also shared, “‘R.E.A.L’ is a song you need to listen to at least three times before it gets really good. If you listen to it just once, you’ll go ‘Huh?’ The key point in ‘Girlfriend’ is Yubin‘s sigh in her rap part.”

After seeing her tweets, fans commented, “I can’t believe that voice was Junho’s!“, “There was a give and take on surprise voice appearance, that’s funny“, and “Thought ‘R.E.A.L’ was good when I heard it for the the first time.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls released their new album “Wonder Party” on June 3rd and have been topping the charts ever since.

Source: Star News via Naver and Yenny‘s Twitter via allkpop

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