Sunday, September 1, 2013

[News] 2PM win unique awards at their fanmeeting 'The HOTTEST Awards'

2PM held quite a special 3rd fanmeeting called 'The HOTTEST Awards'!

The boys celebrated the 'awards' with 3,000 fans. The fanmeeting was special because it was a mock 'awards' ceremony where the boys were able to look back on their past 5 years and even received awards!

The boys started off with the red carpet, and because it's been a while since the boys were in one place, they made the fans laugh by formally greeting each other. The boys received 'Best Proud', 'Best Dancer' 'Best Actor', 'Best Beast', 'Best Featuring', 'Achievement Award', 'The Award HOTTEST wants to give 2PM', and the 'Daesang'.

The 'Best Proud' award went to the moment the boys were the most proud of, which was 2PM's first concert. Taecyeon got the 'Best Dancer' award for ripping through an uncountable number of shirts during dance performances. 'Best Actor' went to Nichkhun who pretended to play the violin.

Everyone laughed when balloons received the 'Achievement Award', because 2PM's stage had been overflown with balloons at the MBC Gayo Daejaejun. As for the awards that fans were giving 2PM, Jun.K received the 'Cajun salad PR award', Nichkhun got the 'Statue award', Taecyeon got 'The Brave Man award', Wooyoung got the 'Embarassment Award', Junho got the 'Dotted Line award', and Chansung received the 'Shocking! Hairstyle award'.

The Daesang went over to none other than HOTTEST. 2PM said, "We had a really meaningful time by looking back on our past with our fans. We were able to feel our fans' love, who have always supported us for the past 5 years. We'll become a 2PM who keeps working hard and stays by HOTTEST's side and loves each other. Thank you."

Source: allkpop

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