Monday, September 16, 2013

[Twitter] JYP Nation congratulates J.Y. Park on his engagement!

Just today, J.Y. Park announced on his Twitter that he is planning to marry in October!

As a brief summary, his Tweet revealed that he has finally proposed to a woman nine years his junior who lives an ordinary life.  They will be tying the knot on October 10, hopefully in a simple ceremony with only family members present.

Of course, this has caused quite a stir, especially among his beloved JYP Nation. The members immediately responded on Twitter.

2AM's Jo Kwon replied, "Wow... Hyung, I give my sincere congratulations!" while J.Y. Park's close friend, actor Lee Jung Jin wrote, "Oho congrats congrats~ very cool ^^."

2PM's Chansung wrote on his personal Twitter, "Hyung, I really, completely congratulate you!  You always said love was always the best hehe."  Wonder Girls's Yenny wrote, "Ah ah congratulations!! Finally..!! Keke as expected, love is the best."

Singer Kim Tae Woo wrote on his personal Twitter, "Welcome to the married man's world.  J.Y. Park finally revealed the news.  My mouth was itching to tell everyone, but I resisted the urge.  Quickly get a child and a pretty house so we can play together.  I'll be looking forward to the wedding."

Evidently, J.Y. Park has been getting a lot of congratulatory and supportive messages from the members of JYP Nation.  However, he has also been getting a lot of congratulations and good wishes from his many fans, as well.  Check out his Twitter to see the full announcement and to wish him your congratulations if you haven't already!

Source: allkpop

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