Friday, May 23, 2014

[News] 2PM Jun.K reveals he shed tears upon hearing his album being #1 in Japan for 'The Star'

Although 2PM's Jun.K's album is called 'Love & Hate', he's been receiving nothing but love in Japan with his recent #1 on the Oricon and Tower Records' Daily Album Chart.

He recalled his tears of happiness in his interview with 'The Star'. Jun.K landed the cover of 'The Star's June issue and showed his love for music as a talented singer-songwriter in the pictorial.

Jun.K shared his feelings about achieving #1, "When I heard that I was #1 in Japan, I cried. The feeling was different somehow. I've really been running [towards my dream] without rest since last December. I am normally a perfectionist, but I even think that my perfectionism went a bit overboard this time [laughs]. Fortunately, it led to good results, and I am sorry and thankful to everyone who helped me."

When asked to give himself a score as an artist, he graded himself, "I think I'm 5 points out of 10. I feel like I should be a bit more shrewd... Only working hard doesn't always lead to success, but there is a need to exchange thoughts with the hardworking people beside me and to clearly communicate what I want to do."

Source: allkpop

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