Wednesday, May 21, 2014

[News] 'I GOT7' Nichkhun, "GOT7's Best-Looking Member? Youngjae, Because He Looks Charming"

2PM's member Nichkhun chose Youngjae as the best-looking member in GOT7.

SBS MTV "I GOT7" aired today is the first reality program of the new idol group GOT7. MC Kim Shin Young came out to help out GOT7 members who are new to the entertainment industry.

Kim Shin Young asked the Thai member Bambam, "Are you close to Nichkhun? Are you able to call him right now?" and he answered, "Yes" confidently and called Nichkhun.

Nichkhun said, "Korean was hard for me too in the beginning. But I tried my best, acting cute and winking." Kim Shin Young then said, "It's because you're good-looking. Nichkhun is the face of 2PM."

Nichkhun then said, "I think Youngjae is the best-looking in GOT7. He looks charming."

Source: kpopstarz

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