Thursday, October 9, 2014

[Hangul Day Special] ㅈ is for JUN. K

In celebration of Hangul Day, we've decided to roll out a special series introducing you to the Korean alphabet (consonants only)! We've selected a celebrity for each letter of the Korean alphabet as well as a correlating vocabulary word!

We'll be teaching you how to say the Korean words properly as well as give you some sentences showing you how to use the words in daily conversation - so time to get studying, K-entertainment style!

ㅈ (g, j)

준케이 (JUN. K):
1. singer (2PM), composer, lyricist

재능 :
1. talent, skill

The ㅈ consonant is similar to the letters g and j in English and are often used interchangeably - which, if you think about it, makes a lot more sense that struggling with hard Gs and soft Gs.

ㅈ also happens to be a pretty popular first letter of a lot of Korean names - but the one we’ve chosen to highlight is JUN. K (aka, Junsu of 2PM).

Now, JUN. K officially changed his stage name from Junsu to JUN. K awhile back, and his legal name is actually Min Jun - so there’s a lot of names this 2PM member might go by, but in any case, it’s pretty easy to pronounce all of them.

A word to the wise - his current name is indeed pronounced JOON-kay, not JUNK. Let’s not anger the Hottests by reading that as is.

Now JUN. K is obviously most famous as a member of 2PM, but he was also recognized this year for his composing skills, as he was the mastermind behind 2PM’s first title track NOT created by Park Jin Young.

We’d say that takes a lot of 재능 - or skills!

If you’d like show off YOUR skills and drop some Korean vocab on people - here’s how you might go about doing it!

1. “JUN. K 재능 정말 많다.” - JUN. K really has a lot of talent
JUN. K jae-neung jeong-mal mahn-ta.

2. “JUN. K 완전 재능돌이네!” - JUN. K is a total talent-idol!
JUN. K wan-jeon jae-neung-dol ee-nae

3. “JUN. K는 재능을 발휘해 2PM 곡작업을 했다!” - JUN. K used his talent to write a song for 2PM!
JUN. K-neun jae-neung-eul bahl-hui-hae 2PM gok-jahgeup-eul haet-ddah

Source: enewsworld

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