Wednesday, October 15, 2014

[News] Lee Seo Jin Wants 2PM to Appear as Guests on ‘Three Meals’ to Help with the Harvest

Working hard under the sun to feed the family, Lee Seo Jin said he wants to invite the 2PM members to tvN’s Three Days.

On October 15, Lee Seo Jin, 2PM’s Taecyeon, producers Na Young Seok, and Park Hee Yeon attended the press conference for tvN’s Three Meals at the 63 City Convention Center in Yeouido.

Having worked with Producer Na Young Seok before and suffered under his directions, Lee Seo Jin shared that Three Meals was harder to film than Grandpas Over Flowers.

Lee Seo Jin explained that on the show, if he and Taecyeon receive food or any help from the staff, they go in debt and must pay it back by harvesting sorghum.

Just like a slave’s debts continue to rise despite how much work he does, our debts are also increasing. Whenever I have time, I’m trying to harvest sorghum,” said Lee Seo Jin.

When asked who he would like to invite on the show, Lee Seo Jin answered the 2PM members so that they can help decrease the debt.

Taecyeon then pointed out that their debt might actually grow, since the 2PM members will probably want to eat meat after they work.

Three Meals is a program about Lee Seo Jin and Taecyeon learning to cook for themselves while living in the middle of the countryside. The program begins on October 17.

Source: enewsworld

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