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[News] 2PM’s ‘Crazy’ party.. World Tour containing 7-years growth story opens

[OSEN=Seon Mi Kyoung] They are still full of energy and hot. The charisma of ‘beast-idol’ has never changed but they now keep their composure just like the group that has been 7 years since debut. The stages that played like crazy as in the club, jumped with joy and touched audiences’ ears softly continued. It was the first concert of the World Tour containing all the experience that 2PM has built.

2PM held ‘2PM World Tour GO CRAZY in Seoul’ at Jamsil Indoor Stadium at 6 pm on 3rd and excited about 7000 fans. In the beginning of the concert, there was a lot of powerful energy and passionate, sexy and powerful performances continued during the concert over 2 hours.

On the day, 2PM splendidly opened the concert with ‘Heartbeat’. The venue was full of shouts from fans when 2PM showed up a bit after 6pm. Abroad fans as well as home fans gathered together in the venue touched audiences’ ears softly towards 2PM more hotly and loudly than ever before.

After the opening performance, 2PM revealed their impression, “We have come back with ‘GO CRAZY!’ in a year and 5 months. This is the moment that we’ve waited for a long time. We really prepared today’s concert thinking of you guys. It’s just started and wouldn’t you think it will be so amazing by looking at the first performance?”

And then 2PM continued exciting performances starting with official 4th album title song ‘GO CRAZY!’ that they released last month. When performing the debut song ‘10 Out Of 10’, they maintained fresh charm just like 7 years ago. Moreover, they continued varied performances by presenting unit performances of Taecyeon and Chansung, Jun.K and Wooyoung, and Nichkhun and Junho.

The 3 hours of concert was filled with a range of charm such as the glamorous performance showing acrobatics, the performance focusing on soft and sweet voice, varied unit performances of members and so on. The stage that was full of charisma suitable for their title of ‘beast-idol’ and outstanding colorful performance was also variously performed.

Taecyeon and Chansung’s unit performance showed off sweet and soft charm and toughness of beasts at the same time. They sang ‘Saying I Love You’ written by Chansung together and when performing ‘Come Back To Me’ they captured audiences’ eyes by suddenly exposing their abdominal muscles with dancers. Taecyeon said, “I couldn’t work out after my arm got injured but I started working out again for this concert” and Chansung confessed, “Taecyeon let dancers work out so hard and he even paid for their exercise fees”

Jun.K and Wooyoung gave a performance of ‘Superman’. It was a unique combination. It showed off novel charm of two who presented hip-hop performance for the first time. Also Nichkhun and Junho’s unit performance of ‘Love is True’ was just enough to catch audiences’ ears with their sweet and soft tone.

As it’s been 7 years since their debut, they worked in perfect harmony with their fans who they have met for a long time. Fans sang to 2PM’s songs while shouting and jumping. Fans embroidered the venue with the colorful luminous sticks and in order to get closer to the fans, 2PM used a thrust stage as well.

On the day of concert, 2PM presented 27 performances including ‘Heartbeat’, ‘Without U’, ‘GO CRAZY!’, ‘10 Out Of 10’, ‘Saying I Love You’, ‘Come Back To Me’, ‘Rain is Falling’, ‘I’m Sorry’, ‘Comeback When You Hear This Song’, ‘Hands Up’, ‘A.D.T.O.Y.’, ‘I Hate You’, ‘Tired of Waiting’, ‘I'll Be Back’, ‘Again & Again’ and so on. They said that it was so hard to keep singing 9 songs in a row but they electrified fans with performances full of energy without being exhausted until the end of concert. Just like the concert title, ‘GO CRAZY!’, it was the time to play ‘like crazy’. Above all, the concert was as meaningful as audiences felt 2PM’s growth having greeted 7th year since debut.

This World Tour in Seoul concert was all sold out for two days after opening ticket sales, which appears popularity of 2PM greeting 7th debut anniversary. Especially, there was lots of request on live view of the Seoul concert from the fans who couldn’t get the ticket in Japan so the concert will be broadcasted live in 69 theaters in 29 areas of Japan.

On the upcoming 4th, including the additional Seoul concert, the 2PM’s World Tour will be held around main cities of the world such as Thailand, China, US, Indonesia and etc.

Source: via naver

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