Monday, December 10, 2012

[Entertainment] NS Yoon-G and U-Kiss’ Eli Eye 2PM Chansung’s Pecs

Revealing one beauty and body secret at a time, NS Yoon-G and U-Kiss’ Eli visited the gym where the 2PM members exercise at.

On December 8’s broadcast of O’live’s K-Pop Tasty Road, NS Yoon-G and Eli began exercising at the 2PM gym, when they were visited by a 2PM member himself.

Chansung made a special appearance and helped the two hosts with their exercises.

2PM’s trainer, who was also present, pinpointed Taecyeon and Nichkhun as having the best bodies in 2PM, making Chansung sweat bullets.

Then the trainer also added, “Honestly, 2AM has the best bodies.

But since the 2PM members also have great bodies, NS Yoon-G and Eli tried to guess which muscular body belonged to which member. To check, Eli and NS Yoon-G stared attentively at Chansung’s pecs, making Chansung a bit embarrassed.

Source: O’live

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