Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[News] Music Bank Jakarta: A Concert Made By Fans’ Involvement

Indonesian K-pop fans are currently preparing their excitement for the coming March 2013 as “Music Bank World Tour in Jakarta” will be making its first appearance, with SISTAR, SHINee, B2ST, Eru, Infinite, 2PM, Teen Top and not forgetting Super Junior to rock the stage!

What’s even more unique to the show, all the fans are encouraged to request what they want to expect in the concert, as well as recommending local artists and an MC to proceed the show. All requests are to be made at their website.

Kim Dina of Asia Top Entertainment says, “This festival marks the 40th diplomatic anniversary of Korea and Indonesia, thus we are also asking fans to suggest to us Indonesian musicians to make a special appearance as a way of introducing different culture. The show will be aired live over 90 countries.

There will be 1 Indonesian MC to join the 3 other from Korea, as well as possibility of “Agnes Monica, which is currently in my request list,” disclosed Peter Harjani of Marygops Studios to perform.

Indonesian K-pop fans, which of the local artists you think will be best to represent Indonesia at Music Bank’s stage? Share your initial thoughts or discuss below!

Source: en.korea

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