Monday, December 10, 2012

[News] 2PM Nichkhun’s Volunteer Documentary in Tanzania to Air This Week

From the first day of arrival upon the village, the crew encountered hardships as it found its major supplies had not arrived. Nichkhun and the others wasted no time in crafting basic supplies for themselves including making chopsticks out of wood and cutting up bottles to use as dishes.

The entire team spent the two weeks camping outdoors in tents and lived frugally with water and food rationed out for each individual.

Nichkhun also ventured out with a team by boat for eight hours to find fresh water and also faced a crisis when their boat suddenly stalled as Nichkhun got a taste of what incredible hardships the locals faced every day.

Nichkhun shared, “While we can turn on a faucet for water any time, I was shocked to learn the people here must travel by boat for at least eight hours just to find fresh water. Through the KOICA Dream project, I hope I will be able to provide some sort of strength for the people here who must live without electricity and water.

The full story of the volunteer team’s time there will be seen when the documentary airs on MBC on December 12.

Source: MBC

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