Wednesday, December 26, 2012

[News] 2PM’s Taecyeon Celebrates Birthday with Macao Fans

2PM’s Taecyeon celebrated his birthday with fans in Macau.

2PM held a concert at Macao’s largest concert hall located in the Venetian Hotel on Dec. 22nd. The 8,000 seats at the venue were filled with the group’s fans from not only Macau, but also Korea, Japan, Thailand and other Asian countries.

The concert began with loud cheers and shouts from the fans and 2PM thrilled them with their performance and live music. The fans were holding up placards and signs of various colors cheering their favorite members.

As the concert was held right ahead of Christmas, Nickhun present his Macao fans with a Christmas carol while the five members and fans became one in preparing Taecyeon’s surprise birthday party. So, Taecyeon was able to celebrate his birthday with not only his members, but also 8,000 fans.

The group also gave out presents that the members prepared themselves for their fans during the encore performance, leaving them with memories to cherish forever.

After the performance, 2PM said, “We would like to thank our Macao fans for giving us a lot of love and great memories ahead of Christmas 2012. We ended our tour for this year after concerts in Shanghai, Jakarta, Taiwan and Macao, but we will continue the tour next year in Singapore, Guangzhou, The Philippines and Taiwan. We would like to ask for your continued love and support”.

2PM came back to Korea after their Macao concert on Dec. 23rd and will go on with individual activities for the time being.

Source: ohkpop

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