Tuesday, August 6, 2013

[News] 2PM Junho & Taecyeon @ Professionals graded Idol Actors,revealed Top 7.

Find out Junho and Taecyeon Pros and Cons as Actor.

1. Yoochun: 85 points
Pros: The acting shown in ‘I Miss You’ is worthy of praise. He has talent that allows him to stand out from the other idol actors.
Cons: He’s been sticking to roles that match his image well. As an actor, taking on a role with a new image will either make or break him.

2. TOP: 83 points
Pros: Has had his acting talents acknowledged since ‘Into the Fire’. His charismatic visual and voice have not only managed to captivate female fans but males as well.
Cons: Since he’s receiving the anticipation of so many, it’s up to his next project to prove whether the hype is warranted or not.

3. Taecyeon: 81 points
Pros: He received a passing grade for his acting in ‘Dream High’, and his performance in his tvN drama ‘Who Are You’ is worth looking forward to.
Cons: Despite his decent acting skills, his image as a beastly member of 2PM often leads to the public underestimating his actual skills.

4. Suzy: 78 points
Pros: Has a clear understanding of the roles she takes on and is growing at a fast pace. She received decent reviews for her MBC drama ‘Gu Family Book’.
Cons: She does not seem eager to grow/expand.

5. Eunji: 73 points
Pros: She’s starting to create a character for herself through her unique acting in ‘Reply 1997' and ‘That Winter’. 
Cons: Having a strong character is important but she needs to challenge herself more if she hopes to grow as an actress.

6. Junho: 70 points
Pros: Exceeded expectations with his performance in ‘Cold Eyes’. Hard to differentiate whether his character in the movie was created out of pure acting skills or if that’s how he normally is.
Cons: Still needs more experience. Doubtful whether he will be able to pull off another role of a different type of character.

7. IU: 64 points
Pros: Although she received poor reviews in the beginning of her drama, ‘The Best Lee Soon Shin’, she’s been proving that she’s a fast learner and is growing at a fast pace.
Cons: Her acting is unstable. Still needs more experience.

Source: instiz

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