Monday, August 19, 2013

[News] So E Hyun and 2PM′s Ok Taecyeon Become a Mischievous Couple on ′Who Are You′

At first, Geon Woo treated Si On like a madwoman when she claimed that she could see ghosts, but soon he came to accept her abilities and grow closer to her.

Their relationship is helped by the fact that Geon Woo saves Si On from danger many times.

The stills recently released are of a scene from the August 13 broadcast, where the two have a private talk during a police force workshop expedition.

In between shoots, they are shown putting on mischievous and cute expressions.

Producer Lee Min Jin of CJ E&M, in charge of Who Are You, said, "Like the characters in the drama slowly draw closer, So E Hyun and Ok Taecyeon also became closer friends as filming continued. Their friendship has been affecting their teamwork on set also in a good way. Everyone is happy on set because So E Hyun and Ok Taecyeon are always bright despite their busy schedules. This is probably what makes them so popular."

Source: enewsworld

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