Sunday, August 25, 2013

[News] 2PM tease Jun.K on the possibility that he has a girlfriend

2PM found themselves answering some tough questions during an appearance on KBS's 'Entertainment Relay'!

The show sat down with 2PM and Kim Go Eun on the set of their recent photo shoot, where they went through a brief interview with some interesting questions.

In response to the question, "Which person is aging the fastest", Chansung chose himself despite his maknae status. "There is a friend named Hwang Chansung. My faces changes by the day." he said. The reporter added, "Well everyone ages as they get older", to which Chansung replied, "Of course. I'm just the fastest one to age."

To the question, "Who is the member that you think has the youngest mental age", the members chose Taecyeon and added, "It's because he's very innocent and jokes around a lot."

Finally, 2PM were asked, "Which member do you want to see have a girlfriend soon?", Nichkhun chose Jun.K as his choice. "He composes a lot of songs but it always turn out sad," he shared. Jun.K added, "I made a happy song a few days ago", leading the members to congratulate him on his new 'girlfriend'. He responded, "It's been a long time", bringing even more cheers from the members, but he clarified that it's been a long time since he had a girlfriend.

Source: allkpop

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