Thursday, April 3, 2014

[News] The associates of Tiffany-Nichkhun, "Went from friends to a couple" Admitted that they are in a relationship

The associates of Nichkhun from a group 2PM and Tiffany from GIRLS’ GENERATION said “They are in a relationship” and shared their official statement.

The associates from 2PM’s agency JYP and GIRLS’ GENERATION’s agency SM said on the phone call with OSEN in the morning of April 4th that “Nichkhun and Tiffany has been friends for a long time and they developed into the level of getting to carefully know each other by recently getting close” and admitted that they are dating.

According to the associates of the agency, these two people have been developing friendship after making a debut by frequently meeting in music shows and various music events.

Tiffany and Nichkhun are top Korean wave stars and are idol group members who are getting loved worldwide. It is expected that there will slowly be even more interests toward the meeting of these two people.

Previously, one of the press media reported that Tiffany and Nichkhun have been dating for 4 months.

Meanwhile, GIRLS’ GENERATION recently wrapped up the activities of ‘Mr.Mr.’ and 2PM is going to make a comeback in this month.

Source: (naver)

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