Saturday, April 12, 2014

[News] ‘Very Good Times’ 2PM Taecyeon•Ryu Seung Soo•Park Ju Hyung, took photos of having a meal together

2PM Taecyeon•Ryu Seung Soo•Park Ju Hyung who are acting together in KBS 2TV weekend drama ‘Very Good Times’ took photos of having a meal together, showing their warm friendship.

The pictures were released in JYP Actors official Facebook in April 12, the brothers in the drama Ryu Seung Soo, Ok Taecyeon put arms around each other’s shoulders. In addition to that, Park Ju Hyung who is belonged to the same agency as Taecyeon, showed his charming smile in the pictures which was different in the drama’s somewhat lame image.

Netizens had reacted by saying, “Gook-looking three guys are gathered here together. Good to see those guys”, “All three actors seem to have a good relationship”, “Are they really close? Looks good”, “Blood brothers and brothers gathered in one place together!

‘Very Good Times’ airs every Saturday and Sunday in 7:55 pm.


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