Friday, April 25, 2014

[News] Suzy-Junho, gives donation to the family of the Saewol ferry accident by ‘joining in showing condolences’

JYP Entertainment’s miss A Suzy and 2PM Junho has given donation to the family of Saewol ferry accident.

Life-sharing-practice of Kwangju-Jeonnam Head Office said on 25th to OSEN, “Suzy has donated fifty million won last 22nd”. “The donated money will be used for the bereaved family.

According to the related person, Suzy has donated ten million won to this group every year to help childhood cancer patients.

Also Junho donated 30 million won to Korea Disaster Relief Association on 25th. The concerned person of the association said, “Junho hopes it would be a consolation to the family although it is a small amount of money”. He also explained that this money is going to be used for the bereaved family.

Korea Disaster Relief Association said, “Talent stars who are donating anonymously are continuously going on.


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