Tuesday, September 25, 2012

[News] 2PM's ‘What time is It?’ Global Tour

On September 24th, 2PM’s official fan cafe announced: “Hello. This is JYPE. We’re announcing 2PM’s GLOBAL TOUR 2012 ‘What time is it?’.

2PM Chansung also tweeted: "“Everyone, I’m writing after a long time!! This time 2PM is having a global tour! It’s said that we’re in middle of serious preparations ^^ Everyone is thinking very hard, and preparing in order to show you the most optimal, complete, interesting performance!! Please look forward to it.. And please enjoy it when you come ^^”.”".

Below is the first four stops of 2PM’s global tour have already been planned:

November 17: Shanghai, China; Mercedes Benz Arena
December 8: Jakarta, Indonesia’ Mata Elang International Stadium
December 15: Taipei, Taiwan; Nangang Exhibition Hall
December 22: Macau, China; Venetian Cotai Arena

Source: 2PM’s official fan cafe

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  1. No Malaysia or Singapore this time? Aww, Malaysian n Singapore fans will be sad and disappointed, hoping to come this time :-)
    Oh, don't forget we all wait for their comeback!