Friday, September 28, 2012

[Twitter] After IU & Wooyoung’s conversation, Taecyeon asks fans not to send hate comments to Dream High cast

On September 28th, 2PM‘s Taecyeon asked fans not to send hate comments to the cast of Dream High.

On his personal Twitter, Taecyeon tweeted, "Yesterday, I met up with the main characters of Dream High after a long time. Each and every one of them are my friends and colleagues that made one drama. Please refrain from cursing at them and ripping them apart, I hope everyone has a great Chuseok. Thank you."

A few hours earlier, Taecyeon, Wooyoung and IU had been tweeting each other back and forth, snatching the attention of many fans. Taecyeon started things off by tweeting IU and saying, “IU-nim, you left us too early ??“, to which IU replied, “Kekeke no way… When I read what happened it seems you had more fun after I left~~

Wooyoung joined in on the conversation by sending IU a mysterious smiley face, to which IU said, “What’s that smile supposed to mean.. keke” and Wooyoung once again replied mysteriously, “Oppa’s heart is at rest now.. ??“. To this, IU replied, “kekekeke Sigh it’s starting again.. I’m gonna go crazy really..” Wooyoung said, “But it was unfair of you to leave early ?“. IU then finally expressed her discomfort and said, “That’s why I left after everyone else got there.. Why are you tweeting me instead of using KakaoTalk.. My mentions are exploding ??“. The conversation ended with Wooyoung acquiescing to her request.

However, the cute conversation caused a few fans of Wooyoung to send a barrage of hate comments to IU’s Twitter. Taecyeon’s tweet tried to explain that IU’s relationship to him and Wooyoung was important and asked fans to stop sending the hurtful comments to IU.

Fans showed their support for IU, saying, “Why does IU have to be cursed out?“, “Her only crime is that she’s famous“, “She must be stressed out“, and “There’s really no problem, but some netizens like to make a big deal out of it“.

Source: Taecyeon’s Twitter via allkpop

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