Wednesday, September 26, 2012

[News] [Chuseok special] What If Korean Idols Were to Get Married to Each Other?

Members of idol groups Beast, Infinite, Kara, Secret, 4minute, Sistar and Apink formed matrimonial alliances with each other transcending time and space during filming a Chusok (Full Moon festival) special in Buan, Cholla-bukdo province.

The Chusok special, titled “Revival of the Dynasty! The installation of the Crown Prince“, is a time-slip variety program in the style of Joseon Period and will be aired on Oct. 1.

Leeteuk, the premier of the Joseon dynasty who wanted to relieve the agony of the king, Lee Su-geun, came to the 21st century through a time warp and took seven idols back to the Joseon dynasty as candidates for crown prince.

The seven idols are Gi-kwang and Yo-seob of Beast, Taecyeon and Wooyoung of 2PM, Chang Min and Jinwoon of 2AM, and Woohyun of Infinite.

The idols who entered the Joseon period were greatly perplexed at the king’s absurd declaration of his intention to choose the crown prince through competitions and the fact that their wives were pre-nominated. Those wives are Ha-ra and Gyuri of Kara, Hyosung of Secret, Hyunah of 4minute, Bora and Soyou of Sistar and Eunji of Apink.

The matrimonial episodes of those idols predetermined by destiny during the Joseon period will be revealed in the program. Who are the wives that will stay alone after marriage? Who is the idol that will have the most babies according to the “saju” fortune teller? Who is the male idol that will fall in love with a woman other than his wife?

The members, out of fun, consulted the saju fortune teller who predicted their marital fortunes, but they were greatly perplexed at the result.

The idols showed hesitation at the first part of the couple games, but as the stage continued, they would not spare themselves to win the game.

Some members called each other “honey” and “darling” showing affection for their partners.

And “brave boys” transform themselves to “brave court ladies” and the eunuch of Gag Concert appears to support the king.

On the shooting site, the top-guest received the spotlight. ‘Brownie’ in sadness was trapped beside the king’s bench.

For what reason did Brownie, who has been beloved by the public in 2012, became a prisoner on a charge of high treason?

The idol couples’ efforts to capture the status of the Crown Prince will be aired at 6:10 p.m. on Oct. 1 on KBS 2TV.

Source: KBS & KBS Media PR Dept

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