Friday, October 19, 2012

[News] 15&’s Baek Ye Rin Has Been A Trainee For As Long As 2PM

Baek Ye Rin of rookie girl group 15& recently revealed that she had been in JYP for just as long as some of the members of 2PM.

On October 17th, the members of 15&, Baek Ye Rin and Park Ji Min made an appearance for a special interview on YTN’s “News 12 – Issues and People”. When asked how she became a JYP trainee, Ye Rin told the story of her “Star King” appearance in 2006 when she was just an elementary school student.

When Ye Rin decided to try again, she ended up trying out for JYP’s auditions; which she was very successful in. However, she lost out to 2PM’s Woo Young at the time and placed second in the ranks.

Though she ended up as a trainee, she mentioned how difficult it was to travel back and forth between Seoul and her hometown of Dae Jeon. Her father attended this trip with her on the weekends until the sixth grade, where Ye Rin began to go herself.

Lastly, she was asked if she had been disappointed at the fact that others debuted before her. She said she wasn’t disappointed at all and in fact, she “knew [her] debut would be far off. [She] just ran hard and did [her] best

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